Empowering us to strive is our spark; igniting the heat of vigor and the flames of vitality that give us the drive to be our best selves, because just as cells compose organs and organs fill the body, people compose communities and communities fill the world, and by investing in our own InnerSpark, each and every one of us can help build better communities in our families, neighborhoods, and places of work, the organs of our global human body, and it all starts, first and foremost with InnerSpark.

I’m not afraid to get down into the shadows with you

and help you unearth yourself.

My clients come from diverse backgrounds, each carrying their own unique stories, wounds, challenges, desires, physical body messages, and symptoms, etc., and I bring
a high level of compassionate, tailored guidance to each
of them for profound, sustained life-changing results.


Despite the differences among them, however, a resounding similarity seems to present itself at the
core – an insatiable appetite for outside “fixes” and “solutions” and a lack of consistency, radical self- love, compassion, and responsibility.

I am not your typical “nutritionist” and I am not your typical “energy worker.”

I’ve been called “the perfect combination of science and spirit” with my signature blend of the best of sound science and the metaphysical, abstract, esoteric, subtle, and energetic realms of our existence.  I’m a Nourishment Guide + Earth Medicine Intuitive + Empowerment Mentor here to awaken, enliven, inspire, and challenge you, and to guide you back to your Self where all the healing, love, answers, wisdom, you could ever want already exist.  

I can read people like a book and anticipate their next move before they’ve even realized they’d like to make one. I know from where and why you’re behaving, which biochemical pathways are being hindered as a result, and how your wound has manifested the physical challenges you experience, whether in your body or in your physical reality. Therefore, I see the body’s energy system as a whole – incorporating all levels of a person’s being – and can see which emotional traumas/stories/mental patterns/etc. are contributing to a physiological dysfunction and vice versa. The chakra system, the endocrine system, the subtle body, the physical body, your physical reality – it’s all connected!

I have always had an ability to read and sense energy and have been communicating with the natural world since I was a small child. I would make “potions” and “spells” all the time in my backyard with the various foliage and had fairy friends that lived in a patch of fern. This “gifts” have annoyed me I’ve tried to numb out of them through booze, food, neglecting my body and giving it away, and more (read more about me here). Now that I am in right relationship with and embrace these super powers of mine, I offer them in service to you to guide you in your remembering and awakening.

I’m an intuitive, an empath, a Highly Sensitive Person, a scientific research junkie, a yogini, a lover, a sister, a crystal hoarder, and daughter of the Earth. In the same minute, I could be consulting my pendulum and then reading the latest research studies. I am deeply passionate about my work and feel so grateful and humbled to share it with you.

“With my consultation, Devon was absolutely amazing. She is one inspirational woman and motivates you to have a healthy lifestyle that is unique to your body’s needs. She helped me understand it was so much more than to just workout and eat.”