The Discipline of Embodied Self Love Mentorship Program

This signature program serves as the alchemical cauldron for your epic

rebirth, metamorphosis, and healing

This highly personal experience incorporates all my best tools and resources – the best of the scientific world and Earth-based energy and intuitive healing. 

This only for those that are ready to awaken their inner healers, own their lives, their stories and their challenges, remember their sacredness, step into radical self-responsibility and self-sovereignty.  Those that are ready to shift from viewing self-care and self-love as “foofoo woowoo crap that is a waste of time” (yes, I’m quoting someone directly on that) to something that is a privilege and a sacred act of worship.

I invite those that are ready to reconnect with the Earth, integrate all pieces of themselves, and know deep down that the physical dysfunction or challenges in their lives (in their body as “mystery symptoms” or disease or in their lives as shitty jobs and relationships) stem from something much deeper and are actually invitations for their ascension and activation.

I am interested in those that are tired of bumping up against the same old frustrations and challenges and are ready to dance with these shadows and transmute them into gifts of beauty, love, and light.

Some Of What’s included:

Weekly 1-hour calls to discuss, monitor, and evaluate your process. (NOTE: Please allow up to 90 minutes for the first session’s intake and assessment only.)
• A custom Flower Essence formula each month emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually encourage and enhance the shifts you’re creating.
• Personalized self-care rituals, movement suggestions, lifestyle practices, expressive arts & embodiment, and more
• Unlimited Voxer support between sessions with weekly Nourishment Journal evaluations and feedback throughout the duration of your program – you’re never alone!

“Devon is deeply intuitive and also highly trained. I trust her, and I really value the attention to detail and care she provided me. I didn’t get the sense that I was her “client,” I felt cared for and seen. Devon’s skillset is vast and I highly recommend her as a health counselor/resource/teacher.”

Stacey Ramsower