Plant Spirit Medicine Transformational Journeys

Plant Spirit Medicine Transformational Journeys

Flower Essences help us identify our root issues, stories, beliefs, etc., process them, clear them, shift our vibration and energy, and create a more hospitable home for our Spirit to embody. Our physical condition is the product of our emotional, mental, and/or spiritual states and until the conditions therein are addressed and shifted, the physical body will continually be in a state of trying to heal itself while playing “catch up” with its regular, daily duties.

This creates a backlog wherein disease

is even more susceptible to manifesting.

When we’re not grounded, not feeling safe, fearful, running old patterns or beliefs, holding onto unprocessed emotions, etc., our Spirit doesn’t feel safe to fully inhabit our vessels. This makes us less vital and more likely to breakdown, we’re not clear, we’re unable to create the changes we desire in our lifestyle, achieve our goals, or even just experience the sheer ecstasy in each moment that is ours for the taking.

It would be an honor to welcome and

guide you into the world of flowers.

A combination of coaching, energetic, and intuitive healing can be expected during a 60-minute telephone session. We’ll work to uncover your present blocks and obstacles, their roots, how you most desire to feel and live, and more. With this information, I am actively channeling and creating a custom formula just for you. The deeper we dive, the more of a targeted, beneficial essence blend I am able to create.


Guided Meditations & Visualizations

Chakra Balancing

Energy Work

And More!

Each formula is made especially for you and a detailed description of each plant’s medicine, as well as a tailored ritual or practice is included for your use to enhance the essence’s impacts. A second call about halfway through your formula (~2 weeks after the initial) is included to support the unfolding and insights.

Each Session includes:

1 custom formula

2 60-minute phone calls

This process and these methods work best with dedication, intention, and openness. A minimum 3-month commitment is strongly encouraged. Packages of 3 and 6 months are available for optimal benefits

* These sessions focus primarily on energetic, emotional, and mental blockages and do not include the extensive lifestyle interventions and coaching found in Whole Being Nourishment offerings.

Unsure about what you need?

Reach out to discuss the magic and transmutation you seek and let’s make it happen! 

“I’ve completed both the nutrition and flower essence programs that Devon offers. Both experiences were – and I am NOT overstating – life changing! She meets you where you are and lovingly, non-judgmentally leads you to being your best you and to love the current you as you go.
If you’ve never tried essences, do yourself a favor and change that! No matter what baggage you’re carrying (consciously and unconsciously) there is a flower that can help you release it. And there are flowers that can help you tap into and enhance the strengths you already possess. I came to Devon with unresolved abandonment issues, emotional traumas, battered self-esteem, and feeling stuck in many areas (just the tip of the iceberg!). Our calls dealt with issues I knew I needed to tackle, but also brought to light – thanks to Devon – pieces of the puzzle I wasn’t consciously aware of… Devon was not only my biggest cheerleader and supporter, she was genuinely as excited as I was when these breakthroughs occurred.”

Carole Billingsley