Virtual Courses & Workshops

Self-Paced Virtual Courses:

Creating Whole Being Nourishment: 4 Weeks to a Wholly Delicious Life

Any sustainable shift desired in life will not happen unless it’s coming from an intention of pure love. When out of alignment with our various layers, dis-ease manifests. The way to empowerment, sovereignty, health and wholeness is reacquainting yourself with the Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Bodies in meaningful and intimate ways. This four-week self-paced course is for you if you’re tired of feeling out of alignment with your needs, if you feel like you’re fighting with your body, and if life in general is not feeding you. If you’re looking to develop a sound self-care practice and a way to harmoniously integrate your four distinct bodies to harness your innate healing potential, this is for you. This four-week course is delivered to you via weekly emails and includes video lessons, guided meditations, suggested flower essences to support each week’s themes, provocative homeplay, and more! By the end of the course, you will understand what it means to be truly nourished by recognizing and honoring your needs. You’ll create a Whole Being Nourishment menu to ensure sustainability and joy in your newly evolving connection with yourself!

Live Virtual Workshops:

Life Cleanse

This empowering eight-week workshop that is based on our various dimensions of wellness. You will be encouraged to reevaluate your lifestyle from many perspectives with constant support from your facilitator and other participants. The intention is to demonstrate the simplicity and joy in self-care for allowing deeper nourishment and healing into your life.

You can expect to reevaluate your relationship with your Self, food, pleasure, the world around you, your boundaries and needs, Spirit and your own sacredness to create sustainable wellness deeply rooted in compassion and love.

This workshop will leave you feeling enlivened and inspired to fully embody your experience and live the life of your dreams! Whatever goals you have or transformations you desire for yourself, they must begin from a solid foundation of self-love and clarity and that’s just some of what you can find during our eight weeks together.

Are you a “pusher,” type-A, “all or nothing” person who, despite feeling the mental and physical ramifications of this lifestyle, has difficulty making their wellness goals a priority? Then this is definitely for you! It is time to take a bold stand for yourself and put yourself on top of your priority list!

Participants receive two private sessions with Devon, a weekly group live session, thought provoking self-excavation assignments, access to private members only area of site for support, prerecorded meditations and yoga sequences, recipes, and more surprises along the way!

“According to Marcel Proust, a famous French novelist, ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscape, but in having new eyes.’ InnerSpark gave me that new vision and a fresh outlook in life. Life is an endless process of self-discovery. To me the program is not only about transformation, but to know more about myself, develop a closer and deeper relationship with myself and an opportunity to see and feel things differently in a positive way. Yes it is normally mind, body and spirit but with the addition of the most important aspect which is the kind and loving heart.”