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Holistic Life & Wellness Mentor, Earth Medicine Intuitive, Alchemist, Shadow Dancer, Catalyst, Mystic




The person you think you are – the one with that job you dislike,
the relationship that stresses you out, and the unending physical health challenges – is a lie.

“You know who you really are? You are the person that you

secretly wish you were – the one you imagine, dream of, say “If only I were…”

All of our “3D” problems are invitations and initiations. The challenges and dis-ease are a facade. They’re a mask and an armor that has morphed into a persona and is continually fed by the neuroses of your daily actions, beliefs, choices, and surroundings.

 All the health challenges, the life and relationship struggles, the perceived inability to manifest your desires is a lie. At the root of all the challenges (which are symptoms and not necessarily actual “problems”) is the relief and yes, that means you have to cozy up to the discomfort.

 Are you ready to get out of your head and into your wild, sacred heart to live your Truth? How could your life look, how could you feel in your body, what kind of joy would you experience in your relationships, how could you be of service to the world with these challenges transmuted into gifts? The truth is, we can’t fully heal our lives, our bodies, our relationship with self and others until we transform the paradigms that created the dysfunction we’re experiencing.

Let’s go on a journey to transmute your challenges and suffering into radiance. Bliss, ease, and joy are your birthright.

I feel you so deeply. The frustration, the overwhelm, the angst, the desperation. I’ve been there… several times, in fact.Disempowered. Stuck in the past. Overwhelmed. Stagnant. An inability to see other options. Victim. Misunderstood. Alone. Not enough. Too much. Critical of self. Inability to follow through with self-care despite a strong desire to do so. Inconsistently showing up for self. Numbing and bypassing.Your internal dialogue, perceived obstacles, and old programming impact everything you do and manifest your reality.  I work with you to identify and shift undesirable imprints and decode your body’s messages so that you can live in accordance with your highest Truth.
What’s longing to be released? What desires to be created through you? What will it take to allow the full embodiment of your inherent Truth and Beauty?

Embody Your Bliss & Radiance


Free Yourself From Your Self-Imposed Prison

InnerSpark uses a unique combination of sound science, ancient metaphysical wisdom, and intuition to mentor people struggling to understand and trust their body’s needs, wisdom, and healing abilities.

You are encouraged to see beyond the surface challenges and to understand their actual roots, which exist on our subtler emotional, mental, and energetic levels. Personal alchemy steeped in Earth wisdom results in profound metamorphoses and awakenings.

Using an integrated approach to create Whole Being Nourishment, your life, health, and relationships are evaluated on a deep level. The results? Living from an empowered, conscious, confident, and trusting place of self-love, radical self-responsibility, and bliss.

What Does Your Soul Long To Create?

It’s a privilege to hold space for you in my sacred one on one and group containers. Let’s discuss your wildest dreams and most frustrating and overwhelming challenges. The medicine you need is already there…

Who I am For You

I’ve been called “the perfect combination of keen intellect and shamanic spirit.” I’m an eclectic mix of all things science, metaphysical, metaphorical, abstract, esoteric, and energetic. This means you receive the best of all worlds with tailored guidance aimed at nourishing each level of your being. I am here to awaken, enliven, inspire, challenge, trigger, mother, love, and guide you. Where? Back to your own infinite well of wisdom, intuition, and self-healing that already exists within. My highest passion in life is helping you peel away layers of outdated bullshit to unearth your authentic essence. When you live from this place, you set the stage for others to heal and awaken, too. While this is a deeply personal journey, it’s simultaneously in deep service of the collective. I bow to your courage and honor each step on your path.


Embodiment & Movement Practices for Growth & Healing

In Western culture, we are basically taught to disconnect from the body at a young age. We value intellect over feeling and sensing and doing over being.   We’re also in a culture that is obsessed with how the body looks over how it feels.  We beat the physical body...

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What A Lightworker Actually Is

“Lightworker.”  It’s certainly a title we’ve heard many times that’s increasing in popularity.  But, like, what the heck is it?  How do you know if you’re a lightworker?  What do lightworkers actually do? Glad you asked; I’ll get into all of that and how, regardless...

“Letting Go” Doesn’t Work

“Letting Go” as it pertains to past traumas, grief, and pain is a fool’s game.  It’s not possible. We’ve all heard it, right?  “Just let go.” “Let it go!”  How does it make you feel when you hear this?  I know I feel angry, frustrated, and ashamed when I have heard...

The 7 Pieces of TRUE Healing

Do you feel like you’ve been fighting against the current for way too long? Are you tired of being a perpetual project? I’m not going to ask you if you’re ready for the truth, because I already know that you are. You’re ready for TRUE healing. You’ve tried all that...

A Multilevel Approach to Healing the Adrenal Glands

The subtle creates the gross.  Challenges we experience in our physical existence (our bodies, health, lives, relationships) are simply mirroring an imbalance, dysfunction, or state of dis-ease in our subtler bodies (the emotional, mental, and spiritual layers). ...

Relationships As Mirrors: Triggers

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The Importance of Staying Connected to Self

Last week was really busy for me and my partner. We’ve been working hard to improve our offerings through InnerSpark (like our new podcast; please subscribe here).  There were extra things around the house that have needed to be planned and researched, going to and...

Healing Hormones & Fertility With Flower Essences

The subtle creates the gross.  Challenges we experience in our physical existence (our bodies, health, lives, relationships) are simply mirroring an imbalance, dysfunction, or state of dis-ease in our subtler bodies (the emotional, mental, and spiritual layers). ...

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