Devon Ray Battaglia, ms, nc, ryt,

Holistic Life Coach and Wellness Mentor
Spiritual Guide, Mystic, Intuitive, Catalyst.

“Holistic Life Coach and Wellness Mentor”

You know those are only buzzwords, right?
Those are just the phrases that I use because, quite frankly, the English language doesn’t have the words to describe me.

“Spiritual Guide, Mystic, Intuitive, Catalyst”

Now we’re getting closer to the truth.
At the root of all the challenges that you think of as “problems” there is an opportunity to learn and to grow.
My work, my realm, lies at that root.

Your beliefs, choices, and actions have all created a persona that you wear like an armored mask. The challenges you experience in your health, life, and relationships are fueled by these neurotic behaviors. That facade of dis-ease is what separates you from your ability to manifest your desires.

What if you finally made the choice to step out from behind that mask of dis-ease and began living from your Truth? How would your life look? How would you feel in your body? What kind of joy would you experience in your relationships? What would you bring to the world?

In the alchemical fire of your wild and sacred heart is the power to transmute your challenges into gifts. You have that power, and the fact that you are here proves that you are ready to use it.

Shadow Work Explained:

You are ready to learn how to reach into your own depths of wisdom to create sustainable health and lasting happiness.

Whether you call me a Holistic Life Coach or a Spiritual Guide makes no difference to me. With the wisdom in your shadows, the truth in your intuition, and the gifts of Earth’s medicine, you already have all that you need. All that’s left is a catalyst, the one ingredient which sets off the chain reaction. It’s the spark that ignites transformation, and that’s what I’m here to be for you.


“The perfect combination of keen intellect and shamanic spirit…”

My work as a Holistic Life Coach is an eclectic mix of all things metaphorical, abstract, esoteric, and energetic. I blend the scientific and the metaphysical to bring you the best of all possible worlds. This approach creates uniquely tailored guidance aimed at nourishing each level of your being.

I am here to awaken you, to enliven you, to inspire you, to challenge you, to trigger you, to support you, to love you, and to guide you.

And where will I guide you? Back to your own infinite well of wisdom, intuition, and self-healing potential. My highest passion in life is helping you peel away layers of outdated bullshit to unearth your authentic essence.

While this is a deeply personal journey, it’s simultaneously in service to the collective. It’s a privilege to hold space for you in my sacred containers. Let’s discuss your wildest dreams and most frustrating and overwhelming challenges. The medicine you need is already there…

Truth vs. Story

I understand the frustration, the overwhelm, the angst, the desperation.
I feel you so deeply. I’ve been there… several times, in fact.

Critical of self. Overwhelmed. Misunderstood.
Alone. Victim. Stagnant. Too much. Not enough.
Disempowered. Stuck in the past. Numbing and bypassing.
Unable to see other options. Inconsistently showing up for self.
Inability to follow through with self-care despite a strong desire to do so.

The stories that you tell yourself have power. Your old programming and your perceived obstacles can manifest real-life challenges for you. The subtle creates the gross. How much longer are you going to allow these stories to limit your potential?

A Holistic View of Chronic Disease:

 You have more power in your own healing than you’ve been led to believe.

As your Holistic Life Coach I’m here to work with you to identify and shift those undesirable imprints. Let’s decode your body’s messages so that you can live in alignment with your Highest Truth. You know that there is an inherent Truth and Beauty inside you that is longing for release. What will it take for you to embody it? Schedule a FREE discovery session with me below and together we can find out.

I am continually posting my newest resources to my blog in order to support your transformation with seasonal guides, healing practices, plant medicines, and more.

What is a Holistic Life Coach?

I get asked frequently, “What is a Holistic Life Coach?” I get it, in an era where anyone with an internet connection can create a job and a title for themselves, it leaves many of us wary and skeptical. This is a title that others have used and it’s not a title I am...

Holistic Healing and Integrative Wellness

Holistic Healing is the missing component of our current medical paradigm. You are a multidimensional being with many layers and facets. Dis-ease isn’t just about the body – it’s about so much more. The “reductionistic” view of illness that our culture maintains isn’t...

The Real Roots of Addiction

The real roots of addiction have nothing to do with the thing to which one is addicted. Addictions come in many flavors, shapes, and sizes and aren't limited just to substances. They're anything that numbs and dulls us out of our Truth. The overall theme? They're not...

A Holistic & Spiritual View of Chronic Disease

A Holistic & Spiritual View of Chronic Disease Dis-ease is the absence of ease. I am not a medical doctor, nor am I a “licensed healthcare provider.” While those realms certainly have their merit, and I am grateful they exist, it is obvious that the narrow focuses...

Shadow Work Explained

The phrase “shadow work” has been used in a wide variety of both esoteric and scientific disciplines ranging from Carl Jung’s approach to psychotherapy, to tantra, kundalini yoga, and Buddhism. As such, it’s no surprise that any time I mention my use of shadow work...

All About Flower Essences

Introducing my clients to the magic and healing power of Flower Essences is one of my favorite parts of being a Holistic Life Coach. Getting to the root (no pun intended) of what’s causing your inability to be at ease, your dis-ease, is what I’m all about.

Shame in the Physical Body: Symptoms & Dis-Eases Associated with Shame

How Does Shame Show Up In The Body? Shame shows up in the physical body in many different ways. From posture challenges and chronic aches to dis-eases such as adrenal fatigue and digestive challengesWhat is Shame? Shame is a mysterious, insidious, and shape-shifting...

Feminine Shame: Fearing the Transient Parts of Ourselves

Feminine Shame Feminine Shame exists because of shame we carry around the things about ourselves that are transient and cyclical – like our physical bodies and emotions. Spiral and Triangle are concepts I created to help us go beyond the use of “feminine” and...

Shame: The Root of ALL Suffering & Dis-Ease

What is Shame? Shame is defined as "a painful emotion caused by consciousness of guilt, shortcoming, or impropriety. A painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior." While Merriam-Webster seems to paint it pretty...

The Mother Wound: Brief Overview

The Mother Wound typically refers to a challenging and painful experience with our Earth mother, caretaker, or mother figure.  That’s not always our biological mother, so it’s referencing the main Earthly, physical mother figure from our upbringing. A difficult...

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