I see you,
Sensitive Soul.

You’ve come to
the right place.

InnerSpark by Devon Ray Battaglia is in service to the sensitive, intuitive, empathic soul with a big mission.

It is a cocoon, a safe haven, a place for deep exploration and discovery. It’s a sacred container for shedding and transmuting old wounds and discovering the gifts behind them. It’s a place to discover, learn, and establish a framework for living and evolving as a sensitive soul at this time on the planet.

Activating the Sensitive Soul

Your subtle nature is your divine super power.

Through remembering how to trust your body, live in alignment with Nature and seasonal flow, and leverage your subtle energies, your core wound becomes your treasure map.
Your sensitivity is a gift and a way to experience the totality of your human experience, while providing an extraordinary way to be of service in the world. The way? Consistently coming into a deeper relationship with Self in a space where you are fully seen, heard, respected, and supported. Consistently tending to your many pieces from the tangible form of your physical body to the intangible subtle aspects of your being.
The truth is, as sensitive souls, we have greater access to the richest treasures through our unique abilities. Our subtle energies are the most potent forces in the Universe. There’s nothing “wrong” with you and you are needed.


I’m as sensitive, intuitive, and empathic as they come. I understand the challenges and have felt the frustration, overwhelm, and burn out. For much of my life I felt like I was both too much and not enough at the same time. I was a walking apology and felt inherently flawed and shameful and questioned why I was even here!

My life’s mission is to activate your long-forgotten magic and guide you in creating an authentic life without sacrificing your needs.

Imagine living authentically and not hiding your sensitivity or seeing it as a burden. Imagine healing your body and learning to fully listen to and trust her wisdom. Imagine trusting your intuition, cosmic flow, and the turning of the seasons so deeply so that you never again defaulted your power or authority to outside sources.
Imagine activating your soul’s purpose and living a nourishing, radiant, and fulfilling life led by your sensitive, tender heart in a way that felt so safe and delicious.

Sarah's Testimonial

“My biggest challenge when I began working with Devon was not knowing how to listen to my own body and feeling a lot of shame for being sensitive. After working with her, I have become mindful of my own needs and how I can tune in and give my body what it’s asking for without a feeling that there’s ‘something wrong with me’ or feeling guilty/worrying what others might think.

I’m accepting myself more and learning to work with and love my uniqueness.

The chats with Devon were brilliant. She challenged me without being pushy. She helped me to see things from another perspective and called me on my thought processes that weren’t serving me. I now have an awareness to listen to my intuition and not to ignore it. My biggest a-ha is that the only person who can truly take care of me is me and the answer is ‘within’ not in yet another protocol.”

My work as a mentor is an eclectic mix of the tangible and practical with the subtle and energetic. This approach creates uniquely tailored guidance aimed at nourishing each level of your being and activating your authentic sensitive essence.

I am here to awaken you, to enliven you, to inspire you, to challenge you, to trigger you, to support you, to love you, and to guide you.

And where will I guide you? Back to your own infinite well of wisdom, intuition, and self-healing potential that’s been inside you all along.


Dear One,

Thank you for visiting. I hope you’ve felt that magical stirring within beckoning you back to the source of your intuition, wisdom, and power; back to your truest and highest Self. Don’t let this be the end of it. Follow that stirring, heed the call, and continue the journey with me. Here’s how…



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