I see you,
Sensitive Soul.

You’ve come to the right place.

InnerSpark by Devon Ray Battaglia’s sole purpose is to activate the Sensitive Soul so she may remember her magic, reclaim her soul’s divine blueprint, and create an authentic life without sacrificing her needs.

The four ways to play together:

InnerRose Sanctuary

This virtual sanctuary is a place for lifelong learning and meaningful connections. It is a cocoon and safe haven for deep exploration, transmutation, and remembrance. It’s a place to establish a framework for living and evolving as a Sensitive Soul. With a robust catalog of classes, self-paced courses, live group immersions, seasonal memberships, and more, this virtual portal is the place to come remember, restore, and resurrect the sacred spiral essence within.

Coming Soon!

The InnerRose Sancutary is coming soon.
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Core Wound Alchemy Mentorship

This signature offering is an intensive, one-on-one mentorship of profound activation for sensitive, intuitive, empathic women ready to reclaim and trust their bodies, come into relationship with Nature and seasonal flow, leverage their sensitive, intuitive, subtle energies, and use their core wounds as gifts and purpose. Your core wound is your treasure map. Ready to go on an epic adventure?

The Apothecary

From InnerSpark’s own line of flower essences specifically channeled and curated for the unique needs of the Sensitive Soul, to seasonal support bundles, all items in The Apothecary are made with love just for you. It would be an honor to welcome you into the world of energetic plant medicine.

Complimentary Resources

Check out the array of resources and educational materials to support you in activating your most aligned and nourishing life. From my podcast, Subtle Medicine, to my Facebook group, Activating the Sensitive Soul, to educational and how-to guides, I have gifts waiting for you!


“With guidance and encouragement from Devon, I started to open up my world and explore who I really am. I have been going through what I like to call a ‘transitional phase,’ but kept getting stuck at the labels we are given, and indeed give ourselves. I made more progress in one week working with Devon than I have in 12 months. She is funny, honest, intuitive, inspirational and most importantly, motivational. I cannot recommend working with her highly enough. In a short time, she has become my sister, my friend and my go-to girl. If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or just want to learn, Devon is your girl.” – Kath

“Working with Devon is a wonderful experience. She is always 100% present during every interaction. Deep down we all know what we need, and Devon was always there to support and help me clearly see the things that my subconscious already knew. We need that person to help bring forward the beliefs, feelings, ideas that are hiding deep inside and Devon did that for me.” -Nichole

“I am truly thankful for your guidance in showing me I am safe and I am worthy. That I matter. It has made so much of a difference for me. Just letting me know it’s okay to he me, with all my crazy thoughts and curiosities. I wished I would have known these things as a child, but now is better than never. So thank you. Thank you for teaching me tools and lessons and walking with me while I find me. I am grateful beyond words.” – A.M.H.

About Devon and InnerSpark

I’m as sensitive, intuitive, and empathic as they come and I’ve felt deeply flawed because of it. Shame and trauma dictated the show and I did everything I could to stay numbed. I was in unhealthy relationships with food, alcohol, my body, myself, and others. I felt like a constant victim, trapped under the weight of so many challenges.
The truth is, our subtle nature is a superpower and our sensitivity is a gift. They enhance our experience of life, while also providing our unique way to be of service in the world. I am deeply passionate about cultivating the tools necessary to live authentically, vibrantly, and shamelessly as a Sensitive Soul – and sharing them with you.

My life’s mission is to activate the Sensitive Soul so she may remember her magic, reclaim her soul’s divine blueprint, and create an authentic life without sacrificing her needs.

seen in:

Dear One,

Thank you for visiting. I hope you’ve felt that magical stirring within beckoning you back to the source of your intuition, wisdom, and power; back to your truest and highest Self. Don’t let this be the end of it. Follow that stirring, heed the call, and continue the journey with me. 

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