About InnerSpark
by Devon Ray Battaglia

For much of my early life, I was sleep walking…

I’m as sensitive, intuitive, and empathic as they come and I’ve always felt deeply flawed because of it. Shame dictated the show and I was completely disconnected from my authentic self. I was traumatized, anxious, and doing everything I could to stay numbed. I was in unhealthy relationships with food, alcohol, my body, myself, and others. I felt like a constant victim, trapped under the weight of so many challenges.

• Needing help, and being too ashamed to ask for it

• Feeling small, awkward, uncomfortable, misunderstood, and like no one “gets” me

• Struggling to like myself, let alone love myself

• Seeking countless “answers,” “fixes,” and “protocols”

• Hating my body and watching health problems surface, which fueled more disdain

• Feeling too much and not enough at the same time

• Denying myself from living my purpose
Thinking that my only options were perfection or destruction I would rebound between self-improvement protocols (that were really self-punishment) and uncontrolled binges of self-indulgence (that were also, truly, just another form of self-punishment).

I would get a few steps closer to what I thought I wanted and then I would suffer another giant set back as everything fell apart in an avalanche of shame and guilt.

Eventually I realized that my sense of shame was actually at the root of all my suffering and that my sensitivity was my superpower.

No profound or sustainable changes could take place until that shame was acknowledged and my divinely-gifted sensitivity embraced. As long as I allowed shame to get in the way of living I would never be able to reconnect to my magical, spirally, feminine self:

• Aligning With Nature + Seasonal Flow

• Trusting My Body’s Wisdom


• Leveraging My Subtle Energies

I wanted to embody something greater than just trendy diets and exercise regimens, self-help trends, and New Age-y BS. I wanted to reclaim my own spirituality and rediscover my own relationship to divinity and femininity and life.

I had uncovered a sense of truth
that finally gave me clarity, purpose, and passion.

As I began to pursue this embodied truth with a new perspective, I soon discovered that there was no protocol, regimen, or one-size-fits-all solution that was going to take me from where I was to where I wanted to be. There isn’t for any of us.

When I accepted that there was no single answer that was going to “fix” me, I had to ask myself some serious questions. What if there’s actually nothing wrong with me? What if being myself, being human, and being a sensitive, intuitive, and empathic woman, were not things to be ashamed of at all? What if my wounds were actually a treasure map towards my purpose?

A Beautiful Journey is not a Quick Fix.

What was right and true for me wasn’t going to be any single quick-fix accomplished in one great leap. Instead it turned out to be a beautiful journey made up of many smaller steps taken from various paths and traditions

That’s the way: consistency done with compassion and joy.

There’s nothing to fix and no one-time solution.

It’s about learning to dance with all of our pieces while honoring the process.

I learned to listen to my intuition more and listened to my fears and anxieties less. I was no longer operating from “fight or flight” and old patterns of self-destructive and addictive behaviors. Instead, I learned to identify and honor my true needs and to just show up for myself every day with grace and honesty. I learned to embrace my shadows, traumas, and sensitive nature as gifts. It is the wisdom gleaned from my many years of suffering, resisting, avoiding, and numbing that I serve you, Sensitive Soul.

My journey has lead me to many magical places including completing my MS in Nutrition & Integrative Health. As a voracious learner (and lover of holistic healing), I continue to joyously explore and expand my skillset, certifications, and studies along the way to include:
•flower essence therapy
•yoga •meditation •breathwork
•Ayurveda •somatic practices
•energy and intuitive healing
•embodied creativity practices
•and much more.

My purpose is activating the sensitive soul.


My highest joy is guiding you in remembering how to trust your body, live in alignment with nature and seasonal flow, befriend your subtle energies, and transmute trauma into gifts and purpose.

A guide is somebody who has experience on a certain path, and that’s what I am for you. It’s that simple. I am deeply passionate about cultivating the tools necessary to live authentically, vibrantly, and shamelessly as a sensitive soul. The tools that support us on all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually). The tools that empower us to be our own healers, coaches, and guides. And, I am completely committed to sharing these with you.

Now, Dear One,

Where in my journey do you see yourself?
Are you at the beginning?
Somewhere in the middle?
Are you excited to see what’s next?

Every time I engage with my clients I offer them the embodied wisdom from my experiences, a vast array of skills and knowledge, a balance of intuition and insight, science and spirituality, tough-love and compassion.

You are ready…

• To honor your sensitivity and use it as a gift

• To step into radical sovereignty

• To trust your body and intuition

• To live in alignment with nature and the seasons


• To heal your body and your life


• To create magic out of your wounds



I am on a mission to activate the sensitive soul so she may rise into her most vibrant, embodied, purposeful self.

Join me?

Free 5-Day Course

Activate and embody the five key aspects of your self to experience deeper integration and wholeness.


Whether you’re interested in working with me through one of my epic offerings or you’re looking for more information and inspiration to further your own practice, I’ve got you covered. Check out my Resources page to see what’s on the menu today!

Activating the Sensitive Soul

It’s more than just my motto, it’s the name of the online community found in my Facebook group. There you can connect with me and with several other like-hearted sisters on their own journeys of activation, empowerment, and awakening.

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