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All items are made with love in devotion to the sensitive soul.

Flower Essences

InnerSpark is the proud producer of its own line of Flower Essences specifically supporting the unique evolution and ascension of the sensitive soul.

Flower Essences are a form of vibrational healing made from living plants and can be thought of as energetic herbalism. In the way that ingesting the physical plant works more directly on your physical body, the essence of the plant works on your subtle energetic, emotional, and mental bodies. When we’re met and influenced at this subtle level, the potential for healing in deep, permeating, and life-changing ways increases exponentially. The subtle is always creating the gross, after all.Every plant on Earth carries its own unique offerings and wisdom for us. With permission, respect, and reverence, the plant’s codes and vibrational signatures is stored in water and a preservative of brandy or apple cider vinegar. As Flower Essences are an energetic healing modality, they do not contain any actual plant material, making them safe for everyone. Check out my blog for more information on flower essences.


Spurred Butterfly Pea Flower Essence


Soul’s Blueprint + Dharma Activation

Spurred Butterfly Pea Flower Essence helps us to remember, reclaim, and activate our soul’s divine blueprint. With so much shame and pain and trauma associated with being a woman and especially a sensitive, magical woman, we may find ourselves disconnected from our mission. This mission, or Dharma, is sacred.

Dandelion Flower Essence


Energetic Sunshine + Regeneration

Dandelion Essence is pure sunshine energy to support you in accessing, remembering, reclaiming, and embodying your own internal sun. Especially helpful for times when we feel depleted and run down and require some deep replenishment. Brings a sense of lightness and playfulness.

Pine Flower Essence


Removes Shame + Guilt

Pine Essence carries many codes for healing shame in complex, deep, and permeating ways and helps us stop seeking external validation, “healing,” or “saving.” Pine allows us see what is already within and reminds of our innate wholeness and beauty.

Day Lily Flower Essence


Serve Yourself Authentically + Heal the World

Day Lily Flower Essence helps to ignite the spark and motivation within to serve others through deeply serving self. This is a huge paradigm shift for a culture that views "serving self" as "selfish," "luxurious," and "frivolous." When aligned with ourselves, we are an unstoppable force!

Wild Potato Flower Essence


Unwavering Presence + Containment

Wild Potato Flower Essence holds the original codes of the masculine. He restores within what we seek on the outside. Helps us to heal and restore our inner masculine so we have unwavering faith in our ability to hold ourselves.

Wine Cup Flower Essence


Queen Codes Activation

Wine Cup Flower Essence awakens us to our queenly selves through showing us our original, truest essence. Especially helpful for those that feel this queenly way is unapproachable, intimidating, out of reach, or not for them.

Black Eyed Susan Flower Essence


Connects to Feminine Lineage + Activates Will Force

Black Eyed Susan Flower Essence works in multifaceted, deep, and permeating ways. She connects us to our genetic and spiritual feminine lineage, specifically those that have been the witches, the healers, the mystics, the sensitives, to reinforce and remember our gifts. She activates our will force and connects our third chakra with our six chakras so we may receive the insight and have the fortitude to follow through with it.

Bee Balm Flower Essence


Spiritual Discipline, Courage, + Alignment

Bee Balm Flower Essence is a “daily energetic vitamin for the sensitive soul.” She brings us spiritual discipline, courage, and alignment. When armed with focus, courage, and loving self-discipline, we live in accordance with our sacred values.

Mulberry Flower Essence


Exuberance + Confidence

Mulberry Essence restores flamboyancy in the system. It brings lightness, playfulness, and ease. It restores parts of ourselves we’ve shunned or shamed because we’ve been told they’re wrong or unacceptable or “too much.”

Seasonal Offerings

Allow these specially curated creations and bundles to lull you back into your sacred spiral essence. Seasonal Living is so much more than watermelon in summer and sweaters in winter. It’s the art of allowing the ancient rhythms to pulse through our veins as we actualize our fullest potential in this lifetime. From guides to medicines, these offerings will support your dance.

Autumn 2019 Seasonal Guide

$35.00 $17.50

This downloadable multimedia guide includes all you need to know about seasonal living, the energetics and invitations of the current (Northern Hemisphere) season, seasonal recipes and plant-based food tips, exercises, reflections, and journal prompts, guided energy healings, and so much more!

Autumn 2019 Seasonal Support Kit

$130.00 $104.00

Seasonal living is more than eating watermelon in the summer and wearing sweaters in the winter. To live seasonally is to surrender to the flow of natural rhythms, rather than resist them. It’s the highest form of reverence and devotion to life itself. This specially created ritual kit is for you to plug back into the sacred spiral.

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