Hello Beloved Sensitive Souls! I am so excited to explore this topic that’s near and dear to my heart. We’re getting into Sacred Activism, what it means, how to remember your own unique flavor, and most importantly how you, as a highly sensitive, introverted, empathic, intuitive being, are uniquely positioned and created to be a revolutionary agent of time! Let’s dive in!

Sacred Activism is about taking a stand for the greater good of all and being driven by that which lights holy rage within you. It’s the intersection of your soul’s purpose and the things that spark anger within.

The Sacred Activist Frequency is one of the eight cosmic spiral frequencies on InnerSpark’s Wheel. These 8 unique energies represent our inner wisdom council and are mirrored to us literally through the 8 unique seasons the Earth experiences.

We look to seasonal and cosmic flow to guide our journey in very intentional, literal, and metaphorical ways. Journeying intentionally with the seasons and with the cosmos is the way to remember our innate wholeness and sovereignty.

These energies provide us with a framework we can apply to any and all facets of our lives, from physical healing to relationships, to unraveling trauma, shame, and codependency.

These literal manifestations of what we’ve come to know as “seasons” are simply tangible expressions of subtle energetic frequencies and cosmic archetypes.

These subtle energetic frequencies and cosmic archetypes are here to guide us. By choosing to become aware of these beautiful frequencies, you are realigning with the blueprint of your sacred soul!

More on this in episode 41.

The Sacred Activist Frequency corresponds with late summertime, Lammas, Lughnasa time.

The Sacred Activist is very aware of the whole. Through The Sacred Activist Frequency, we begin seeing ourselves as more than our physical experiences. We value intangibles and abstract, esoteric concepts outside of our realm of experiencing or understanding.

We have come to a place where we can no longer accept what isn’t serving the greatest good of all. We’re open to new ways of experiencing life, wholeness, service, and legacy. We are actively creating the legacy and living the dreams and desires of our soul.

This is us taking a stand for our soul’s passion, for the betterment of the collective, for The Earth, for Love. The Sacred Activist is an innovator and fierce solar feminine warrioress force.

This is us creating and birthing legacies, rather than upholding ones that don’t work anymore. Birthing anew, rather than upholding in the name of tradition. I feel this is what we’re all here to do at this time. So much of how we’ve been operating, isn’t working. It’s downright harmful, deplorable, and makes me ashamed to be a human at times.

Through our Sacred Activist, we get the opportunity to birth new legacies, use our voices, and align fiercely with our values.

From there, we align our life with these values and explore the variety of ways we can use our voice (most ways don’t actually have to involve the use of your vocal cords) to continually create meaningful, lasting, impactful change.

As an example, I am very pro -environmental consciousness, -living in alignment with the natural world, -renewable energy, -holistic and alternative healing, -rest, -sustainability, -slow living, -free thinking, -dismantling internal and external systems of oppression, -black, -brown, -indigenous, -multiculturalism, -LGBTQIA+, -choice, -children’s safety and welfare, -womxn’s rights, -equality and fairness, -prison reform, -rehabilitative initiatives over harsh punishments, -fair trade, and so much more!

I continually and consciously strive to have my life, in every way, be a reflection of me embodying these values and DOING something with them to create sustainable change.

We are guided to our values usually through pain, trauma, anger, and holy rage.

These “shadow parts” of ourselves, that we tend to really shun, hold the key to our soul’s purpose and our liberation, which inevitably uplifts the whole. Your anger is a sacred catalyst for change, when channeled intentionally. It’s about being with the surge of energy you experience when you are deeply moved and triggered by something.

It’s about taking that energy and intentionally, mindfully, compassionately, and sacredly channeling it into action.

Not wallowing in it, not letting it consume you, not spewing it in a fit of fury with violent language: It’s about channeling that energy into meaningful action.

As sensitive, introverted beings, we are powerful beyond measure, we are Revolutionaries. Yet, many of us have forgotten. We ARE the Great Mystery, the Forces of Nature, the Creatresses, the Priestesses, the Lioness Queens, the Witches, the Prophets, the Oracles…

We must integrate the leader within to lead ourselves to then lead others by example.

This must all be done through love and cosmic consciousness, from within, with shadow AND light, not bypassing anything, not “high vibes only,” but from fierce devotional love and service to the sacred spiral essence of existence.

I invite you to identify and follow that which stirs your soul and is worth fighting for to you.

  • What lights holy rage within you about the world? How can this holy rage bring you closer to your sacred values?
  • What are your sacred values and how are you living in devotion and service to them?
  • Is how you’re spending your dollars and time in alignment with your values? Where and how can you elevate your game?
  • How are you filling yourself to then give to the collective?

Deep down, I believe there’s a longing within us all for connection, meaning, culture, roots; a sense of being tethered. We’ve forgotten that Mama Gaia is our spiritual well. We belong to Her. She guides our values and reminds us how we were really meant to live.

Aligning with nature and following seasonal and cosmic rhythms and cycles reawakens the primordial spiral within us all. This is our truest original essence where there’s no hate or division; just a trustful, unified, celebration and dance.

If this is lighting something up within you, I encourage you to check out The Sacred Activist Frequency Essence in The Apothecary. This can be used when you are remembering the legacy you are here to birth and create as you open to new ways of service and offering your gifts and magick in the world. Head over to the Apothecary.

If you’re ready to dive more deeply into the magick that results from aligning with Nature and seasonal and cosmic flow, I invite you to join the next spiral of The Root to Spiral Collective. The Root to Spiral Collective is a sacred community and living laboratory for activating the Sensitive Soul so they may rise into their Revolutionary self. We journey with the frequencies of the seasons, the moon, and other Earthly and cosmic happenings to reclaim ourselves as sensual, spirally, and sacred to then offer our gifts, service, and devotion to the world. Click HERE to learn more.

Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT

I am a mentor and catalyst for sensitive, intuitive, empathic beings who want to create a life of authentic purpose and joy out of their challenges and traumas.

Through empowering sensitive souls to remember how to trust their bodies, align with Nature and seasonal and cosmic flow, and leverage their subtle energies, they live their soul’s sacred purpose and their sensitivity is honored as a superpower and divine gift, rather than something to “fix.”

My greatest passion is activating the Sensitive Soul so they may rise into their Revolutionary self and offer their authentic gifts and sacred activism to the world.

My work is a magical blend of the grounded and tangible with the esoteric and energetic. My diverse background is a reflection of my diverse experiences and devotion to the sacred spiral essence of life and the sensitive soul’s vital role in this time on the planet.

My journey has led me to many magical places including earning a master’s degree in Nutrition & Integrative Health and exploring a wide variety of holistic and ancient, esoteric modalities and resources I use with my beloved clients including, but not limited to, Flower Essence Therapy, herbalism, yoga, meditation, energy + intuitive healing, shadow work, ancestral healing, embodiment rituals, and so much more.

If you’re ready to be activated, take a look at my various offerings and resources, listen to my podcast, join my Facebook community, and follow me on Instagram.