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The InnerSpark blog is a collection of an entire lifetime of work.

My journey and embodied experiences are now a doorway for you to walk through.

There are various resources here to inspire, empower, and educate you. Seasonal guides, healing with the Earth, moon magic, plant medicines, Earth-made food, lifestyle practices, spirituality, and more abound for your use. I aim to challenge you, provoke you, and catalyze the necessary shifts within. Have a look around and please share your experiences with me!

Our “3D” experience is a manifestation of our subtle energies. 

It is my privilege to guide you in a truly holistic and powerful

way to create the life you desire from within.

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What magic do you crave in your life?

Devon Battaglia | Holistic Life Coach

What do you most need right now?  What are your challenges and what’s the necessary medicine?  I would love to learn more about you.

It’s an honor to help guide you back to yourself.

Schedule a consultation with me and let’s have a conversation over some tea, shall we?

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Hello, Dear One!
I’m Devon Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT and I am a Nourishment Guide + Earth Medicine Intuitive + Mystic empowering people to transmute pain into purpose and find sustainable transformations in the areas of health, life, relationships, and spirituality. Warning: Embodying your authentic essence may result in living with greater ease, vitality, self-love, purpose, and joy.  Proceed at your own risk.

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