Stop what you’re doing right now (after you’ve read the following directions, of course) and then place one hand on your stomach and one hand on your heart. Breathe deeply. Feel for ribs expanding outwards and diaphragm ballooning completely. Soften. Relax your jaw, your shoulders, and your tummy.

At this very second, there are literally trillions of microscopic cells carrying out trillions of involuntary functions to keep you alive and conscious. In whatever form your physical body is in at the moment, it is loving you non-stop and is fiercely committed to seeing that you stay alive, vibrant, and well. It’s generating energy, it’s growing hair, it’s fighting off foreign invaders, it’s regulating your temperature, pH, and fluid homeostasis, it’s packaging new proteins and DNA strands, it’s processing countless sensations and stimulants across its countless nerve endings and receptors… It’s doing all of this regardless of how you may bitch about your thighs or how you may guzzle down questionable matter passing off as food or beverage.

Breathe in gratitude and acceptance and dare I say, love it back! Check in and notice what it’s telling you. Don’t ignore its cues or pleas. Tap into the wisdom and love flowing through your every atom at this very second and stop the madness once and for all. Trust it, move it, fuel it properly, rest it, love it, and enjoy a long, healthy, happy, service-filled life in it!

Additional Support

For additional support in coming into your power as a sensitive being, I invite you to explore the InnerRose Library. This collection of self-paced virtual classes is intentionally created for the sensitive, intuitive, empath ready to embody her magic and thrive.

New in the InnerRose Library:

Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, NC

I am a mentor and catalyst for sensitive, intuitive, empathic women who want to create a life of authentic purpose and joy out of their challenges and traumas. Through empowering women to remember how to trust their bodies, align with Nature and seasonal flow, and leverage their subtle energies, they live their soul’s sacred purpose and their sensitivity is honored as a superpower power and divine gift, rather than something to “fix.”

My work is a magical blend of the practical and tangible with the esoteric and energetic. My diverse background is a reflection of my diverse experiences and devotion to the sacred spiral dance of life and the sensitive soul’s vital role in this time on the planet. If you’re ready to be activated, take a look at my various offerings and resources, listen to my podcast, join my Facebook community, and follow me on Instagram.