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Dear One,

Shame is something about which I am incredibly passionate. Shame has driven me to some very challenging and dark places throughout my life and I watched it slowly take my mother’s life. Feminine Shame, or Shame of the Spiral, as I like to refer to it,
is a growing problem in our culture today that impacts us all regardless of gender identification or physical anatomy. Thank you for joining me for this important conversation.

In this class, we’ll explore the subtle and overt ways feminine shame presents itself, ways it’s perpetuated, and ways we can begin to break the cycle. We’ll also work directly with our own feminine shame, as well as the energies of shame in our

So much love to you and I sincerely honor each and every one of you for courageously deepening into your path to experience the richness and totality of yourself. It’s a privilege to support you.

All my Love,


Class Materials include:

  • Approx. 1-Hour Video Lesson
  • Downloadable PDF Guide
  • Discount on an Apothecary item specially selected to support the energetics of this class