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InnerSpark’s Wheel of Frequencies: The 8 Cosmic Spiral Frequencies

The 8 Cosmic Spiral Frequencies represent our inner wisdom council.

With the Cosmic Child, we are being birthed through the cosmos once more. We are going from formlessness back into form. From almost a grinding halt, we are being slowly animated and breathed new life into.

This can feel super uncomfortable because we are asked to trust this process and the enormity of it and many of us want to be in control. It’s an invitation to trust the greater order of things, to co-create with Universe or Source.

This is the part of yourself that is pure, raw, divine consciousness that exists beyond the body, coming into embodied form for a purpose, for a reason, for pleasure, for joy, for sorrow, for challenge, for the entire ecstatic spectrum of the human experience.

Beloved, are you standing at the edge of a rebirth? Are you feeling called to connect more deeply with and surrender to Source? Partner with The Cosmic Child for guidance!

We look to seasonal and cosmic flow to guide our journey in very intentional, literal, and metaphorical ways. Journeying intentionally with the seasons and with the cosmos is the way to remember our innate wholeness and sovereignty.

These energies provide us with a framework we can apply to any and all facets of our lives, from physical healing to relationships, to unraveling trauma, shame, and codependency.

These literal manifestations of what we’ve come to know as “seasons” are simply tangible expressions of subtle energetic frequencies and cosmic archetypes.

These subtle energetic frequencies and cosmic archetypes are here to guide us. By choosing to become aware of these beautiful frequencies, you are realigning with the blueprint of your sacred soul!

Are you ready to activate The Cosmic Child Frequency and align with the sacred spiral essence of existence? Your inner wisdom council is waiting to guide you, beloved!