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Dear One,

Without supportive resources that are being consistently used, being a highly sensitive person, an intuitive, and empath can be overwhelming. Addictive behaviors are commonly seen in this population as a way of coping. In this class, we’ll discuss the roots of addiction and the unmet needs that drive addictive behaviors and unsupportive choices. Addiction isn’t just substance abuse. We may be addicted to anything! Learn how to identify your own addictive tendencies and how to find stability and safety in your system to meet the actual need.

So much love to you and I sincerely honor each and every one of you for courageously deepening into your path to experience the richness and totality of yourself. It’s a privilege to support you.

All my love,

Class Materials include:

  • Approx. 1-Hour Video Lesson
  • Downloadable PDF Guide
  • Discounts on a hand-picked list of Apothecary items