Do you have daily non-negotiables?
What are your daily disciplines to support, nourish, and activate your purpose?

The importance of daily ritual, daily non-negotiables, or daily disciplines, is especially vital to the sensitive soul. Sensitive Souls are magical creatures. They require daily tending, daily grounding, and daily energy maintenance. They have unique needs thanks to the extra porous nature of their systems and their delicate nervous systems.

This doesn’t mean they’re “weak” or “needy,” it means their systems are working harder just by sitting and breathing than another person’s because their senses and systems are perceiving at much greater and rapid rates.

Having Daily Disciplines, Daily Non-Negotiables, Daily Rituals, whatever you like to call them are essential for all humans, and especially the sensitive one.

Daily Disciplines create a sense of safety and containment. They bring that triangle energy (which I use to refer to as masculine energy) so that our spiral essence feels safe to do its spiral thing. Combine the lack of holding and absence of a sense of safety with a system that is so easily fried, and it’s no wonder many physical and emotional health challenges plague this special sliver of the population!

Bringing routine in with sacred discipline and intentionally curated resources is a winning combination!

As an example, I’ll share Five Non-Negotiable Parts of My Day. I’m by no means saying this is some gold standard, it works for ME. My intention in sharing is to prompt you to evaluate what’s working and what’s not working for YOU.

My top five that are daily disciplines and that I hold most sacred are:

Breath and meditation

My day begins with stillness and silence and intentional breath. I check in with my Self. I move my life force energy. I connect to source and to my intuition. I open myself to receive guidance, insights, messages. This time is sacred. I especially love the silence and darkness of the pre-sunrise time and never miss it. 


Every single morning I move my body. I have found ways to move that I love. Ways that support and nourish me and my unique body temple. Moving my body is a gift I do not take for granted. Being in a body that is dis-ease free, pain free, and injury free is something I treasure and protect and celebrate. My movement, whether it’s a barre class, a run, or a yoga sequence is a moving prayer.

Subtle energy healing

I check in with my systems and I make necessary shifts, changes, healings. With my various tools and resources, I ensure that everything is running smoothly. I understand that a physically well existence – in my body and my experience of life in all of its tangible aspects – begins with finely tuned and tended subtle layers.


Nature is my medicine. Whether it’s five minutes of five hours, breathing in fresh air, listening to the birds, watching the leaves dance in the breeze, and seeing the clouds pass is vital to my wholeness.


Plants are my best friends. Seriously. I am totally infatuated by them. I use them in their four main forms (from most tangible to most subtle: fruits and vegetables, herbs, oils, and essences) every single day – heck, multiple times per day!

Plants are magical, intelligent (understatement of the century lol), selfless allies here for us. In them, we have literally all we need to survive – shelter, sustenance, etc. However, fully activated living isn’t just about surviving and with our plant allies we can also THRIVE. Fruits and vegetables, herbs, oils, and essences… all of these magical forms of plant medicines offer us codes, love, and an opportunity to experience more of ourselves on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

My daily ritual has changed my life in so many ways. I have found greater harmony and challenge within my body and am no longer plagued by insane hormonal imbalances that left me with horrendous acne, irregular and missing cycles, and more.

I have shed and released layers of ancestral anger, resentment, and feminine shame.
I have cultivated deeper relationships with the unseen, subtle realms of existence to feel guided, held, and supported at all times.
I have tools and resources to gently (and sometimes not-so-gently) remind me of my Truth when this human thing gets heavy and I forget.
I have been able to remember, reclaim, and activate my soul’s divine blueprint and purpose – to resurrect the sacred spiral energies.
I have had the privilege of assisting others in remembering themselves, healing their bodies and lives, and creating their sovereign lives.

How to create your own daily disciplines

Re-evaluate your values and priorities

The purpose of life is to live in accordance and in service to your values. What are those for you? What is important to you? What do you want to experience? How do you want to feel? How do you want to influence the world around you? How can your daily actions align with these intentions?

Make it enjoyable and sustainable

Daily Disciplines GET to be the best part of your day! Does that mean that some days they won’t feel challenging or triggering, no, however, that sacred container is just that – sacred and serves to remind you of your own sacredness, as well.

Don’t use this as a way to punish yourself.

The contents that fill your sacred container, your DDs, aren’t intended to be punitive… you’re not like, willing your sensitivity away or trying to fix yourself. Your having a richer and deeper experience of yourself, and therefore, life. You’re tending the subtle realms within to influence the tangible, gross on the outside. You are deliberately creating your life.

Set a daily container and hold it sacred and make it unfuckwithable.

Within that container, you are free to implement whatever is needed. While I practice movement and breath each day, for example, the types will vary depending on the day, the season, where I am in my cycle, etc. However, the sacred container is simply non-negotiable and knowing I will move in some capacity and that I will practice intentional breath is also non-negotiable.

I could go on and on and on and on… Words and ideas are just that – words and ideas. I truly invite you to experience some of this magic for yourself. I have so many blog posts, podcast episodes, and classes on plants, subtle energy healing, and the like. I also now have The Apothecary where you can get your hands on some of my creations.

What are you dedicated to creating in your life right now? Do you see how the creation of sustainable Daily Disciplines is the key in ensuring it comes to fruition? 

I’m Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, NC and I am a mentor and catalyst for sensitive, intuitive, empathic women who want to create a life of authentic purpose and joy out of their challenges and traumas. Through empowering women to remember how to trust their bodies, align with Nature and seasonal flow, and leverage their subtle energies, they live their soul's sacred purpose and their sensitivity is honored as a superpower power and divine gift, rather than something to "fix."

My work is a magical blend of the practical and tangible with the esoteric and energetic. My diverse background is a reflection of my diverse experiences and devotion to the sacred spiral dance of life and the sensitive soul's vital role in this time on the planet. If you're ready to be activated, take a look at my various offerings and resources, listen to my podcast, join my Facebook community, and follow me on Instagram.

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