So many of us sensitive introverted beings have a challenging relationship with our intuition. We’ve been made to believe our magic is shameful or that what we perceive is false. Our society says logic and intellect should always take the lead. However, in the quest for leading more wholesome, aligned divinely integrated lives, it’s crucial that we reconnect with our intuitions.

Our intuition is something that is very neglected in our modern world where we tend to rely on facts, logic, that which can be proved. As sensitive beings, we really have direct access to this intangible, receptive part of ourselves. We are the bridges between the tangible and intangible and so it’s really up to us to strengthen our intuitions and find more wholeness and alignment and nourishment for our own lives, but to bring forth and ground in those codes to share with others – whether it’s in your business or it’s in your family.

Check out the series on the chakras to learn more about the intuition and its relationship among these seven energy centers. Your intuition is your antenna and place of receiving divine guidance from the cosmos. Reclaiming and protecting your crown and sovereignty helps to ensure the messages your intuition receives are authentically yours.

Two crucial intuition-strengthening considerations:

👉 Develop a practice of pausing and checking in with yourself before anything else!

Most of our days are spent habitually reacting to life, as opposed to consciously responding to it. We do things the same way day in and day out, maybe find ourselves in ruts where we’re eating the same foods, having the same arguments, and so forth. This is us not living from an intuitive, flowy place. When we can check in with ourselves in each moment, we find what we need fluctuates. We can meet ourselves where we are in any given moment and receive the deep nourishment that is available from that place.

This can look like taking a deep breath before responding to somebody, taking a breath before your preparing food, taking an extra breath in the shower in the morning and giving thanks for the water. Allow yourself to be fully present and notice whatever is alive for you in any given moment. In this present place, you’re able to hear and receive the guidance of your intuition. That’s truly foundational step number one absolutely non-negotiable needs to happen.

👉 Another way to strengthen your relationship with your intuition is to test it!

How many times have you received an intuitive nudge to do something, say something, etc. and you didn’t do it because it didn’t “make sense” to you?

The thing with intuition is that it will rarely “make sense” upfront, you must have faith in the accuracy and divinity of what you’re receiving. What would happen if you acted on some of those nudges? Begin to follow through with them. For a whole day, allow your intuition to completely take the lead. Have the urge to turn left when your usual route home is to turn right? Go for it. Feel the need to say something totally random to a total stranger? Go for it.

Every single thing is connected; we’re all entangled at the quantum level. Sensitive beings can feel into the subtle shift that’s taking place and are able to tap into the collective energy. Pause and check in (as previously explained) and ask yourself: What might happen today? Who do I need to get in touch with today?

Those are the two most important things I wanted to mention before I get into some specific divination practices.

Divination practices are tools to help us to strengthen our intuition through silencing the rational mind.

While the rational mind is certainly important and not something we want to “get rid of,” it can get in the way of us receiving intuitive guidance.  Since, for the most part, intuitive guidance doesn’t necessarily “make sense” at first, the logical mind may find it unsafe, untrustworthy, or scary.

The intuitively-led life allows us to be more embodied, more present, and more surrendered. We know that eventually all will “make sense” in a logical manner and that rational side of ourselves will be appeased. In the meantime, we trust our steps. Now, in order to get back into a place of knowing what those steps are, we must open channels of communication with our intuition, which is where divination practices can come in quite handy! Here are a few of my favorites:

Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards. I love my decks very much and will turn to different ones at different times. There are so many exquisite decks available from amazing artists. Allow your intuition to guide you towards the one that speaks to you the most. While there are many traditional “spreads” (ways of drawing the cards for specific readings and questions), there’s really no “wrong” or “right” way to work with your cards. Ask a specific, simple question before each pull and allow the cards to speak to you.

Quick side note: No, Tarot cards aren’t “evil.” That’s just the residual impact of this really oppressive dogmatic religious patriarchal ruling that we’ve all been under for thousands of years where anything that’s of an intangible, subtle, spirally, lunar, impermanent nature is shamed, ridiculed, denied, ostracized and persecuted. Yes, beloved, unfortunately your intuition totally falls into that category and anything that would strengthen it (like Tarot cards) suddenly becomes “evil.”

Scrying. There are many different ways to scry. It is traditionally done with a black bowl and water. You fill the bowl up to the rim, again have a specific question/intention, gaze into the water, and allow yourself to receive. Scrying can also be done by gazing up at the clouds and letting yourself see images. Again, it’s a way of silencing the rational to receive the intangible, subtle.

Dream Journal. Our dreams are full of wisdom and guidance for us. We find solutions to many of life’s challenges while asleep and when our intuition is free and unencumbered. Keeping a journal of your dreams over time allows you to see trends, themes, storylines, etc. Create dream rituals where you have a lovely evening routine (warm bath, herbal tea, foot massage, etc; here’s an article with the best sleep tips). Ask your subconscious a question and declare that you will receive an answer. Journal whatever arises that night for you and be very curious about this dreamtime version of yourself.

Journeying. The art of journeying is beautiful. Through traversing these very unseen, shamanic realms, you become privy to a whole universe of otherwise “hidden” worlds within. The journey may be enhanced with plant spirits (flower essences can greatly support you with this). The journey is akin to a lucid dream where all that’s experienced represents various symbols, archetypal energies, and more that are inside of you and attempting to communicate through you. The experience is incredibly rich and full of answers and codes that can take time to decipher.

Dancing. The answers you seek live in your body – not in your head. The dancing I’m referring to requires that you surrender to the whims of your body. Move in ways that feel weird and perhaps mentally uncomfortable. Find new patterns of movement in the body. Let your body lead the way and move stagnant energy to clear the channels of receiving from your intuition. Put on some semi-loud music, clear some space, and get lost in the pulsations of your body. Running is also great for this, too! Anything that gets you embodied!

Meditation. There are so many different forms of meditation out there today. There’s truly something for everyone. From guided meditations to breathwork, to traditional Zen practices, find something you love and work with it. Use meditation as a resource to tap into the unending stream of life-force energy available to you at all times; the same stream where consciousness and intuition originate.

It’s important to note that consistency is the name of the game to really build strong intuitive muscles. Select the practice(s) that really resonate with you and work them daily. They need to be part of your life daily if you’re committed to living at the intersection of human and spirit and being a bridge between Earth and sky. If you’d like support in activating your intuition, InnerSpark’s flower essence line from The Apothecary has amazing plant allies for you. Butterfly Pea, in particular, can support you with reconnecting to your sacred purpose and your soul’s divine blueprint.  Additionally, check out my other offerings and resources to guide your sensitive, introverted heart in living a fierce, intuitively-led life.

I’m Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, NC and I am a mentor and catalyst for sensitive, intuitive, empathic women who want to create a life of authentic purpose and joy out of their challenges and traumas. Through empowering women to remember how to trust their bodies, align with Nature and seasonal flow, and leverage their subtle energies, they live their soul’s sacred purpose and their sensitivity is honored as a superpower power and divine gift, rather than something to “fix.”

My work is a magical blend of the practical and tangible with the esoteric and energetic. My diverse background is a reflection of my diverse experiences and devotion to the sacred spiral dance of life and the sensitive soul’s vital role in this time on the planet. If you’re ready to be activated, take a look at my various offerings and resources, listen to my podcast, join my Facebook community, and follow me on Instagram.

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