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Q) Who are you and why should I listen to you?

A) I ain’t your average “woo-woo” coach and I ain’t your traditional stuffy, Western healthcare specialist.  I have experience working with both and found I was never fully seen, understood, or supported in the way I needed.  Basically, I have become the healer I needed in my darkest times – a little bit science, a little bit Nature, a lotta maverick, and even more intuition. 

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Q) What is Whole Being Nourishment (WBN)?

A) WBN is the state of being well fed and cared for on every level of your being.  It’s not enough to simply jog and drink green juice and it’s not enough to go visit the local shaman.  Being integrated and aligned and serving each of your four bodies with self-love and care, yields the life you deserve.

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Q) What do you mean by my “four bodies”?

A) In many different spiritual traditions, the entire being is segmented into different bodies.  Some have 10 bodies and while that can be quite interesting to study and experience firsthand, I find that sticking with the four-body system is more readily relatable to most clients.  Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies create your life and three-dimensional experience on Earth.  When in a state of alignment through being tended, WBN results.

Q) What do you mean by “self-care”?

A) Self-care is simply the art of learning to witness ourselves and to act from a space of compassion, honoring, and self-respect.  Self-care is a personal practice and looks different from person to person, season to season, and even day to day. Using the four-body system as a way of checking in with yourself helps you to identify what’s needed.  Physically it may be more joyous styles of movement (I call “exercise” “movement”) or plant medicines.  Emotionally it may be to set aside time to be alone to feel and digest an experience.  Mentally it may be to quiet the story of being overwhelmed that is wreaking havoc on your body.  Spiritually it may be a need to read some uplifting and inspirational texts.  Self-care isn’t one-size-fits-all and is a continued practice.  All of our levels impact each other and with continued devotion and discipline, you’ll begin to identify and peel away layers of outdated nonsense.

Q) What are the different types of plant medicine?

A) Plants are amazing allies.  They have co-evolved right along with us humans and will be here long after we’re gone.  They’re truly our greatest gifts and can be worked with in many different ways.  From herbal medicines to creating personal care products, to flower essences and plant spirit medicine, to essential oils, and more.  Eat and use more plants, friends; you simply can’t go wrong!  Through engaging more with the natural world, WBN is more easily actualized and sustained, our health becomes vibrant, our relationships more fulfilling, and we’re clearer on our needs.

Here’s a simple crash course on the differences.

Q) What are Flower Essences and Plant Spirit Medicine?

A) Flower Essences aren’t essential oils.  These precious gifts can be thought of as energetic herbalism (as in energy-based herbalism, not herbalism that’s all jacked up on corn syrup). Flower Essences are a part of Plant Spirit Medicine, and Plant Spirit Medicine is a broader way of describing an engagement with the energetic, subtle aspects of plants that impact our energetic and subtle aspects, much in the same way that ingesting the physical herb impacts the physical body. Flowers aren’t the only plants that are used.  Trees, for example, are simply lovely and each contains their own vibrational code intended to support us with specific challenges.  Every single plant on Earth contains specific energetic medicine; there’s something for literally every single human condition. 

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Q) What do you mean by “the subtle creates the gross” and why is it important to address these subtle levels?

A) The subtle creates the gross on every single level of everything as you know it.  Billions of microscopic cells create your physical body.  A forest is comprised of thousands of single trees.  A seed, complete with its specific and unique genetic codes and the right conditions, becomes a fruit tree.  And, your entire life is simply a reflection and manifestation of your own subtle realms.  The person you think you are is an illusion maintained and fueled by neurotic delusions.  Are you feeling challenged and displeased with the current status quo in your gross, three-dimensional experience (whether in your body, life, or relationships)?  Stabilize your system enough to objectively look at the subtle pieces creating the gross experience (this is where befriending the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies is key!).  Consciously change the tape, heal the undigested wound, and allow the gross to become something different.

Q) What is personal alchemy?

A) Feeding ourselves holistically and integrating our four bodies results in sustainable, aligned, and authentic living, health, and relationships. The way to deepen into this practice is to become engaged in an ongoing process of personal alchemy, wherein we allow the “wounded” parts of ourselves to receive and make ecstatic love with our Higher Selves to birth a “third energy” that is the life we deserve.

Personal alchemy is an ongoing process that lasts a lifetime.  It’s the way we learn to transmute or change the form of, our challenges, wounds, etc. into gifts.  It’s a deeply personal process of self-responsibility, self-mastery, and self-sovereignty.  It means stabilizing ourselves to cease the internal battle, to quit subconsciously choosing to struggle and to embrace challenges as invitations for transformations.

Q) What are chakras?

A) I use Chakras as a way to energetically organize and heal our lives. They represent our Soul’s journey and developmental process as our physical body has a spiritual experience.  Chakras can be thought of as an embodiment of Spirit in human form as it learns to co-create with matter and come into right relationship with living a human life. Throughout our experiences, events occur that result in “woundings.” Out of protection and self- preservation, we develop compensatory armors and coping mechanisms that hinder the flow of energy in the physical and stifle the continued maturation process. We take on personas, habits, beliefs, etc. that stem from an original wound. Since the subtle creates the gross, these energetic imprints manifest on the physical level in our 3D experience (our bodies, lives, and relationships) and dis-ease results.

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Q) How can I work with you? How can you help me?

A) Many clients come to me when they’re simply frustrated.  They’ve tried all the things and seen all the healers and coaches and Western, science people.  They’ve spent endless time on Google and perusing “self-help” sections.  They’re also fiercely dedicated and ready for change and are slowly coming to understand that the healing in their bodies, lives, and relationships must come from within.  If this is you and you’re ready, explore my current offerings and schedule a time to discuss your needs.  It would be an honor to guide you in remembering that you are your own best medicine.

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