The subtle creates the gross. 

Healing hormones and fertility challenges are issues many women face. Challenges we experience in our physical existence (our bodies, health, lives, relationships) are simply mirroring an imbalance, dysfunction, or state of dis-ease in our subtler bodies (the emotional, mental, and spiritual layers). 

Struggles with fertility and hormonal balance more often than not have their roots in stress – physiologically impacting the adrenal glands and their delicate dance with the rest of our endocrine glands and energetically impacting our root chakra and all it encompasses. 

How does this happen?  Unprocessed trauma that makes us more susceptible to the ill-effects of daily stress.  Stress and trauma are compounding.  Undigested blockages stack on top of each other and the system’s vital energetic flow goes towards trying to manage the mountain of “foreign invaders” (the energetic and physiological residue of the compounding stress). 

This means that daily maintenance required by the system on all levels is maintained only halfheartedly, or depending upon the stage of the undigested blockage, completely neglected.  Additionally, the traumas in question don’t necessarily have to happen to you in your lifetime; they can also be ancestral and handed down through the lineage.

This is how dis-ease manifests on the physical body. 

The subtle body sends its messages and warnings and we fail to pay attention, identify and honor the need.  The subtle creates the gross, remember?  The subtle, and now dysfunctional, building blocks of our system on all levels create an undesired gross experience.

The most interesting part of the dis-ease process is how it manifests and in which area of our physical experience and how our physical body produces its signs and symptoms of dis-ease.

In cases of fertility and hormonal balance challenges, more often not I’ve seen them linked to unprocessed issues around sexuality, femininity, and/or sexual abuse.  Shame, guilt, unworthiness, feeling dependent upon others, “creative constipation,” having a “mother wound,” and more are also tied up in these links, too.  While dietary, lifestyle (proper exercise and stress management resources, for example), herbal and nutrient interventions can work wonders, they aren’t the panacea. 

True healing must begin within and on the subtle levels so they can then create the desired gross experience. 

You can’t heal anything while continuing to operate from the same paradigm that bred the current dysfunction.    

Flower Essences and other energetic interventions used in conjunction with practices like Personal Alchemy, yield lasting and profound results.  For addressing issues in the sacral chakra (the space in our pelvic bowl that includes all things creative and feminine), hibiscuses and lilies are the best!

A very brief guide to essences and healing feminine reproductive challenges:

  • Healing sexual trauma: Star of Bethlehem, Blackberry Lily, Pink Crepe Myrtle, Orange Hibiscus
  • Issues with our own inner child: Orange Hibiscus, Pink Lady Slipper, Lily of the Valley
  • Issues with our own parents or parental figures: Tigrida Lily, Mariposa Lily, Motherwort, Baby Blue Eyes, Rose of Sharon
  • Issues With Our Femininity: Squash Blossom, Red Hibiscus, White Rose, Queen of the Meadow, Lily of the Valley
  • Feel safe in your body, root chakra healing: tree essences such as Red Cedar and Maple

This is a very, very brief introduction into the many flower essences available to peel the layers of subtle woundings and create a more balanced physical experience.  It is always best to turn to an experienced, compassionate Flower Essence Therapist to guide your healing journey.

Additional Considerations:

  • Herbs & Botanicals. Mother Earth has provided all the medicine we need and while flower essences support the sublte bodies in creating the desired gross experience, herbs and botanicals offer more direct support to the physical while it is “catching up” and the subtle blocks are rebuilding it. 
    • Adaptogens soothe a fried nervous system and support reproduction
    • Liver and digestive supportive herbs can also benefit hormonal balance
  • Sacral Chakra Clearing & Healing practices. Practices such as uttar basti, yoni steaming, expressive arts therapy, somatic movement, journey work, and more can be very beneficial.
  • Recognize your creativity in ALL aspects of your life – quit focusing solely on the act of reproducing a human or getting your hormones “on track”
    • Where do you feel the most creative? 
    • When are you most in “the flow?” 
  • A thriving spiritual life and daily practice strengthens your connection to the divine within.  It is our divinity that sustains us and sparks our ability and desire to successfully create our lives. 
    • How do you connect to the divine within? 
    • Do you have a daily practice for feeding your spiritual body? 
  • Your vessel is a sacred temple 
    • Is your current lifestyle conducive to being in a state of creative and receptive grace? 
    • Are you properly feeding your physical body?  “Properly” is different for everyone and fluctuates in any given season, phase of the cycle, and life stage.  
    • How do you deeply honor and care for yourself?   

The physical body is a mirror.  What is yours telling you?  What needs to be addressed on the subtle level?  The physical body is slower than your subtle bodies as it’s created by these tiny, energetic building blocks over time. 

Compassion, patience, and disciplined self-love are crucial during any healing process.  Working with an experienced plant medicine practitioner and intuitive mentor who can also guide in nutrition and appropriate lifestyle and supplementation will have your subtle and gross experiences regenerating in your desired frequency.

Recognize that you’re a conduit for the divine, a portal for life, a sacred being, and the great mystery itself.

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