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A container for activating the remembrance of your sacred spiral essence and soul’s gifts and desires

What unique spark do you carry? What unique frequency of the divine desires to animate through your body? What’s your truth and what’s the truth you’ve been led to believe?

Each of us carries a unique spark of the divine that animates our vessel and guides our experience in this lifetime. Losing touch with this essential spark is losing touch with your Self. That spark drives our will to animate, to create, to live. That spark guides us and fuels our devotion and discipline. It’s the animating lifeforce energy of all. It’s what allows us to consistently show up for ourselves and our soul’s purpose for incarnating at this time. Through activating this spark, we return to our pure, original state where we can surrender to the sacred spiral of life once more.

InnerSpark’s sole mission is simple, yet profound and permeating. We exist to resurrect our collective awareness of and reverence for the sacred spiral principle of existence through repairing our relationship with our inner containment, inner authority, and devotional discipline. InnerSpark is a container for remembrance, activation, transformation, devotion, rising, exploration, education, un-education, radical healing, reclamation, and service all in the name of love.

Everything done through InnerSpark is in deep service and devotion to resurrecting our collective awareness of the sacred spiral principle of life and the cosmos as a whole. This is only done through repairing our relationship with our own inner structure/authority/containment through devoted discipline.

InnerSpark is a movement.

It’s a way of life…

It’s a collective mission AND

also a literal place for

learning, courses, community, etc.

InnerSpark’s Sacred Intentions

  • To hold space for your process through a variety of offerings for you to hear the song of your soul and to spark the remembrance of your divine purpose and sovereignty.
  • To resurrect the old ways.
  • Mastering your internal terrain, subtle energy, and inner kind parent to remember yourself as both mother and child.
  • To embody Heaven on Earth through remembering yourself as the bridge between worlds, as human and holy, flesh and spirit, as conduit, as translator, as PRIESTESS, SHAMAN, WITCH, WISDOM KEEPER.
  • Divine union from within ~ conscious relationship with self to relate with other to create greater harmony, acceptance, health and vitality for all.
  • Living in alignment with nature and seasonal and cosmic flow for greater health, vitality, and planetary healing.
  • Encouraging the identification of and devotion to living your values as sacred activism + empowered devotional leadership.
  • To heal shame, the collective affliction of the illusion of separation, the Mother Wound, ancestral wounding, spiritual/religious trauma, and the addiction of seeking externally and perpetually “fixing” oneself.
  • Remembering yourself as the sovereign leader of your life to no longer outsource your power, safety, permission and to begin to think, feel, choose, act for yourself.
  • Divine union from within ~ conscious relationship with self to relate with other to create greater harmony, acceptance, health and vitality for all.
  • Activating the spark within and the remembrance of your sacred spiral essence + soul’s purpose/original blueprint/reason for incarnating because the more of us that are aligned with our soul and The Way of Love, the better.
  • Promoting deeper inner listening, body trust, and the use of one’s own innate wisdom and internal compass through identifying a solid North Star and value system.

Our Various Offerings + Teachings

Just as each unique soul brings forth specific medicine and holds a specific frequency for expressing the divine as it animates through their holy body temple, each offering found in InnerSpark seeks to provide its own unique frequency to aid in your own process of remembrance, reclamation, activation, and embodiment of your soul’s blueprint and the spiral principle of existence.

The Root to Spiral Collective

Root to Spiral

Creating authentic, grounded spirituality through cultivating a connection with Earth, and seasonal and cosmic flow, is what fuels meaningful interactions, change, healing, sacred activism, and deep fulfillment. The Root to Spiral Collective is a living, thriving laboratory of experiential remembering and life changing reclamation to activate the Sensitive Soul.

Journeying through The Eight Cosmic Spiral Frequencies on InnerSpark’s Wheel of Frequencies, this quarterly live immersion offers fresh lessons, guided practices, healings, as well as a new resource to work with for massive shifts in your life on every level of your being – all in sacred community. Ready to experience the magick that results from fierce alignment? Join us.

The InnerSpark Library

The InnerSpark Library features a robust collection of classes and self-paced courses for life-changing goodness on your own time and in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Expect an array of topics and different modalities to support you in self-mastery and sovereignty from the most subtle to the tangible. Activate your sacred spiral essence and reclaim the gifts of your sensitivity with The signature Frequency Activation Series, The Yoni Exploratory, plant medicine, energy maintenance, and more! What will you explore?

The Apothecary

From InnerSpark’s own line of flower essences specifically channeled and curated for the unique needs of the Sensitive Soul, to The Frequency Collection, and seasonal support bundles, all items in The Apothecary are made with love just for you. It would be an honor to welcome you into the world of energetic plant medicine. What are you experiencing at this time? What support is needed? There’s definitely a plant calling to you now. 

And more…

Subtle Medicine Podcast
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Regularly updated, robust, deep. All of your spiral remembrance.

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