Your sacred spiral path is uniquely yours and longs to be remembered.

Your body is your wisest ally. You are of the Earth. Your subtle energies are your super powers. You have the ability to heal yourself and your entire lineage. Your pain is your gift. Your sensitivity is your superpower.

And, you are more than worthy of the presence required to activate your sovereignty.

Core Wound Alchemy is for the sensitive soul ready to remember, activate, and embody their sovereignty.

Are You Ready to Remember?

do  you long to:

• Stop fighting your sensitive, introverted nature and live in communion with your soul

• To come into right relationship with your femininity and spiral principle

• Stop feeling like your worth and validation come from “doing” and putting everyone else before you

• Stop feeling depleted, overwhelmed, and burnt out

• Not feel held back by or ashamed of your sensitive, empathic ways

• Show up for yourself consistently without judgement, bullying, or forcing

• Know and trust your body’s wisdom, your own feelings, desires, needs, and opinions

• Feel the world around you and live in accordance with natural flow, Nature, and the seasons

• Quit diet and wellness trend hopping and pacifying yourself with BS “quick fixes”

• To live purposefully, sourcing inspiration and creativity from your pain and trauma

Core Wound Alchemy Mentorship is an intensive, virtual, one-on-one experience of profound activation for sensitive, intuitive, empathic soul ready to reclaim and trust their bodies, come into relationship with Nature and seasonal flow, leverage their sensitive, intuitive, subtle energies, and use their core wounds as gifts and purpose.

Together in a safe, sacred container guided by your unique needs and my signature process, Mama Earth and the Cosmos, you will:

• Have a clear awareness of your core stories and wounds and learn how to skillfully source wisdom, clarity, purpose, and direction from them

• Draw inspiration and wisdom from a variety of ancient esoteric modalities and Earth wisdom to heal your body and awaken the healer and wise woman within

• Learn how your subtle energy works for you to create the life you desire in support of your purpose and dreams

• Relearn the language of your soul and hear your own inner guiding voice to develop authentic spirituality and heal impacts of old dogma

• Create richer relationships, delicious intimacy, stable finances, and an all-around greater ability to receive, baby

• Develop sustainable practices and habits and find joy in showing up for yourself consistently to thrive as a sensitive, empathic, intuitive being

• Turn to Earth’s medicine and wisdom for support with things like herbal medicine, flower essences, seasonal, and lunar living

• Recognize and heal ancestral patterns, Clear old shame, give yourself permission to be you, and find greater love and acceptance

• Define your values and boundaries and live them to quit being easily swayed by external influences and distinguish what’s true for YOU

Core Wound Alchemy is about resurrecting your awareness of and devotion to the spiral essence of existence. We will address and transmute these four pillars:

Distrust of the body

Disconnection from Nature and natural living

Disrespect of your subtle, sensitive, intuitive nature

Distorted view of your challenges and wounds

Your wholeness is collective wholeness.

When out of relationship with our own rhythms, we are disconnected from the life and from the guidance of our Soul. This disconnection happens for a variety of reasons, the best part, however, is that you have the power right now to bring awareness and healing.

The truth is, your core wound is your liberation. Through (not around, over, under, or away from) it is your sovereignty, your purpose, and immense wisdom and grace. Unraveling the roots and reclaiming wholeness requires simultaneously addressing these four main blocks. Through this process, we’re able to then see our most painful experiences for what they are: our greatest teachers. For so many women, the core wound is rooted in a deep story of feminine shame they’re carrying from this lifetime and from their lineage. How this uniquely shows up for you is your treasure map.

The greater your capacity to feel and experience sorrow, the better  you can source the same depth, intensity and magnitude of joy.

In this sacred space, we’ll lovingly journey into the places you have been scared to explore that actually hold the keys to your sovereignty and purpose. The process is unique to you and is enhanced by a variety of ancient and modern modalities ranging from flower essence therapy, subtle energy healing, yoga, breathwork, guided journeys, art creation, herbalism and holistic nutrition interventions, ceremony and ritual, and so much more.

Remembering your sovereignty results in you owning your gifts as a sensitive, intuitive, empathic soul to then continuously create a life of aligned purpose and joy.

What would life look like for you if you fully surrendered to the spiral essence of seasonal and cosmic flow? What would it be like if you fully trusted your body’s wisdom and dedicated yourself to a path of self-mastery and devotional discipline? Your soul has nudged you here and it’s time to find out, beloved.

I am your partner on the path to reclaiming your wholeness, sovereignty, feminine nature, radiance, health, body, and life. Together, we rise. Together we resurrect our collective awareness of the sacred spiral essence of existence through devotion.

Dear One,

I’ve walked and continue to walk the spiral path. I’ve gathered resources and wisdom to share with you. I am your partner, your catalyst, and your guide. Awaken, rise, shine, and alchemize. The magic you seek is already there. Let me support your journey and midwife your new beginning.

I invite you to learn more about me and why I’m so passionate about this work and my life’s mission.

All my love,

The Core Wound Alchemy Experience
is currently closed.


To receive these benefits and MORE, plus personal, loving attention from Devon in a sacred group experience, you’re invited to enroll in
The Root to Spiral Collective.

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