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About Flower Essences

InnerSpark’s growing line of flower essences is founded upon eight main allies that correspond with the eight primordial, cosmic, archetypal frequencies of the spiral journey of life. The creations found here are in support of activating and remembering your sacred spiral journey as a sensitive, introverted, magical being.

Every plant on Earth carries its own unique offerings and wisdom for us. With permission, respect, and reverence, the plant’s codes and vibrational signatures are stored in water and a preservative of brandy or apple cider vinegar. As Flower Essences are an energetic healing modality, they do not contain any actual plant material, making them safe for everyone.

Explore the offerings below or check out my blog for more information on flower essences.

Channeled Flower Reading


Receive a custom flower essence formula, recorded channeled message and guided energy healing to continue working with, as well as ritual suggestions to enhance the overall experience.

Seasonal Offerings

To live seasonally is to surrender to the flow of natural rhythms, rather than resist them. It’s the highest form of reverence and devotion to life itself. This specially created ritual support collection is lovingly intended for you to plug back into the sacred spiral.

Pairing the Tangible
with the Intangible

The deeper we root into our inner knowing, the greater our capacity to activate our gifts. We can only spiral to the degree that we are rooted.

Radical, life-changing experiences can be had when the energetic support found in the Apothecary is paired with the transformative teachings and practices shared in the Root to Spiral Collective.

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