The 40-day period is a very potent, sacred window of time that is observed throughout history in many contexts. It’s such a small window – a little more than a tenth of your year – yet, it’s just the right amount of time to truly catalyze and experience many shifts, to support the regenerative process on all levels of your being, and to step out of the current identity you’re wearing to just be YOU.


I invite you to step into the wild unknown and emerge free, unencumbered, open, and without the weight of the past.

In this 40-Day Journey to Sovereignty, we’ll explore six unique and crucial facets of your being. Practicing one specially selected mudra each day for 11 minutes, you’ll receive daily email support with deep, provocative, and activating prompts to aid you in peeling away unnecessary layers.  Consciously creating a daily container to experience stillness and explore the depths of your own literal and metaphorical womb space will change your life in meaningful, permeating ways. It can’t NOT. With dedicated presence, devoted discipline, and an open heart, miracles happen. Other suggested practices, rituals, and support will be provided along the way for a deeply transformative experience.

    Your 40-Day Journey to Sovereignty is divided into six sections:
  • Presence + Ground
  • Creativity + Sexual Life Force
  • Personal Power + Divine Will
  • Unconditional Love of Self
  • Activating the Voice + Sacred Activism
  • Surrendering to Cosmic Flow
Six video lessons, plus daily prompts to be reflected upon while sitting with the mudra will be provided.

Nervous about committing to yourself for 40 whole days? Good. That’s a powerful clue that you need this… maybe more than you realize. Developing spiritual grit is crucial – especially for us sensitive, introverted, intuitive, magical beings here to bring great healing at this time.

This course pairs amazingly with Bee Balm Flower Essence, or what I like to call the Sensitive’s Daily Energetic Vitamin.
Discount code given with course purchase.

This experience is self-guided and you may begin at anytime.


Why would I pay for this when I could do a practice for 40 days on my own for free?

Excellent question. You could very well do a practice on your own for 40 days and I believe it’s a powerful process. However, there’s something amazing that happens when we have some “skin in the game” and invest dollars and cents in our process. It’s an energy exchange and a declaration to yourself and The Universe that you are supremely committed to this intention. Plus, with outside support you are able to go more deeply… It’s amazing what an outside perspective, the right questions, and a skilled guide directing our focus can do for our lives. Trust the process. Submerge yourself in it. Let’s do this, beloved.

What if I want to quit before 40 days? What if I miss a day?

You may want to quit and that’s amazing. Don’t give into the desire, instead use it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself. What do you do when things get challenging? Do you habitually bail out before the magic happens? Do you have a habit of not keeping promises to yourself? We’re going to break all of that and see what’s on the other side. P.S. If you DO miss a day, you must restart your 40-day practice. In such an instance, you’ll have the opportunity to restart the email course flow.

Can I continue this practice for longer than 40 days?

Yes! This is a very potent mudra that can be practiced every single day for the rest of your life if you wish, beloved. It’s one of my favorites. Plus, you’ll have access to the materials for life.

Can I do this course again after I've completed it?

YES! You’ll have access to this flow for life. You may choose to do the 40-day guided practice again at any time. It’s really a beautiful practice to mark the turning seasons, birthdays, life events, and anytime you desire a structured container to really deeply explore yourself. Each time you participate will reveal something new and amazing.

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