Whole Being Alchemy

Mentorship Program

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Do you feel the call to embody your Authentic Essence?  Are you ready to step into your sacred calling?  Do you know there’s “something more” and are ready to embody what that might be for you?

This signature program serves as the catalyst for your epic adventure of transformation and healing and incorporates all my tools and resources – the best of both the scientific world and Earth-based energy healing – with constant one-on-one mentoring and coaching support to create your ideal life.

“You know who you really are? You are the person that you  secretly wish you were

– the one you imagine, dream of, say ‘If only I were…'”

All of our “3D” problems are invitations and initiations. The challenges and dis-ease are a facade. They’re a mask and an armor that has morphed into a persona and is continually fed by the neuroses of your daily actions, beliefs, choices, and surroundings.

 All the health challenges, the life and relationship struggles, the perceived inability to manifest your desires is a lie. At the root of all the challenges (which are symptoms and not necessarily actual “problems”) is the relief and yes, that means you have to cozy up to the discomfort.

 Are you ready to get out of your head and into your wild, sacred heart to live your Truth? How could your life look, how could you feel in your body, what kind of joy would you experience in your relationships, how could you be of service to the world with these challenges transmuted into gifts? The truth is, we can’t fully heal our lives, our bodies, our relationship with self and others until we transform the paradigms that created the dysfunction we’re experiencing.

The Ultimate Immersion:

The Whole Being Alchemy Mentorship Program:

The way to empowerment, sovereignty, health, and wholeness is reacquainting yourself with your Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Bodies in meaningful and intimate ways.


This signature program serves as the catalyst for your epic adventure of transformation and healing and incorporates all my tools and resources – the best of both the scientific world and Earth-based and energetic healing.


Stabilize your system to identify and confront the roots of your challenges before lovingly giving yourself permission to transmute them.  Leave feeling empowered, clear, invigorated.  During this amazing process, we’ll journey together through your energetic and physical systems, discuss your overall life visions, current lifestyle, and habits, and confront any concerns or perceived obstacles, and so much more!


Some of What You’ll Receive:

  • A lovingly curated Alchemical Tool Box with sacred implements selected just for you and your current needs

  • Potent 60-minute sessions that will leave you feeling empowered, clear, sultry, alive, embodied, and on purpose

  • Custom Flower Essence elixirs

  • Distance Healing Sessions

  • Whole Being Nourishment Assessment & Report included

  • Customized holistic & integrative wellness prescriptions drawing from a wide variety of modalities to best suit you

  • Co-created sustainable self-care rituals &movement plans

  • Herbal & nutritional suggestions

  • Relationship exercises & tools

  • Lifestyle counsel & practices to develop authentic spiritual growth

  • Unlimited Voxer support between sessions – you’re never alone


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Unsure About What You Need?

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