What Are Mudras?

Yoga has been around for thousands and thousands of years for a reason. This entire system of living provides guidance and resources for optimal health and vitality. One of the practices of this ancient system involves the use of “mudras,” which is Sanskrit for “gesture.” Through holding parts of the body, an eye gaze, and primarily the hands in specific ways, we are able to influence and direct energy to bring about specific effects. Mudras can be used during meditation, with your breathwork practices, in yoga practices, as part of your energy healing practices, and more!

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What Are the Benefits of Mudras?

I especially love mudras because of their accessibility. They can be done anytime and anywhere! You can do them at your desk at work, in the car (when you’re not driving or are stuck in gridlock traffic), or in line at the grocery store. They don’t require space like other activities.

Additionally, whereas certain physical postures of yoga, or “asanas,” may at first be overwhelming or intimidating, anyone with functional hands may practice mudras. Just as the physical practice of yoga was intelligently sequenced and created to influence various systems, organs, glands, and functions of the subtle and physical body, mudras behave in a similar manner.

There are mudras to support all aspects of the endocrine system from reproductive hormone balance to blood sugar stabilization. There are mudras to support respiratory function, the circulatory system, digestive balance, and more.

Best Mudras For Women

I love mudras and use them daily. I’ve used them to calm my nerves before dentist visits. I’ve used them to assist in directing energy during healing sessions. I’ve used them to help me fall asleep or to feel more energized. There’s a mudra for everything! My clients especially enjoy the specially chosen mudras I give to them to support their needs at a given time.

While there are literally hundreds of mudras, I’d like to offer my two favorites for sensitive women. These can be practiced anytime and anywhere!

Mudra For Assurance

This is excellent for grounding your energy and making you feel safe and cozy. Practice when feeling anxious or when you would like to feel more centered and focused.

Sit comfortably and allow your body to begin to relax. Take your right hand and take hold of your left thumb. Wrap your four right fingers around your left thumb, right thumb sticks out, as do left four fingers. Next, lay your four left fingers over your curled right fingers creating a little house. Then, place your right thumb to your left middle finger allowing your left index and ring fingers to also touch the thumb, left pinky stays out. Relax your shoulders and entire body and rest this mudra at your heart center. Hold and breathe deeply for as long as you wish and for a minimum of five minutes.

Yoni Mudra

Yoni is Sanskrit for “vagina,” although it also means “womb” and “original source.” I am very big on all of us, not just women, coming into deeper relationship with the sacred spiral energies and yoni encompasses this, as well.

Yoni mudra encourages communion between us and our womb spaces, between us and the great cosmic womb. From here, we are infinitely creative and tapped into the Source of our understanding. Yoni mudra should be a daily practice for us to feel that unending connection to the Great Web of Life and to be open to receiving divine guidance and inspiration.

Sit comfortably and take your hands in front of you, palms facing you. Allow your right and left pinkies, ring fingers, and middle fingers to interlace just to the tips. Left or right middle finger can be on top, whichever feels most comfortable to you. So, last three fingers on each hand are interlaced with just the tip tips and first knuckles touching. Next, allow your index fingers and thumbs to touch at the tips forming a triangle. Hold this down in front of your womb space and breathe deeply. Hold as long as you wish and for a minimum of five minutes.

Enjoy these sacred and ancient practices to enhance your vitality and well-being and experience of your subtle nature.

Additional Support

For additional support in coming into your power as a sensitive being, I invite you to explore the InnerRose Library. This collection of self-paced virtual classes is intentionally created for the sensitive, intuitive, empath ready to embody her magic and thrive.

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