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The Subtle Creates The Gross

 I invite you to a new way of being and a deeper way of healing.

Does any of this sound like you?

• Experience general life dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, and inconsistency in your wellness practices?

• Are you beginning to suspect that unprocessed trauma and grief may be linked to your physical suffering?

• Are you unclear about what self-care, self-love, radical self-responsibility, and pleasure even mean, let alone how to apply them to your life?

• Been told you’re “too sensitive” or that your ailments are “in your head?” Or worse, to “just get over it already!”

• Are you able to speak up for yourself and honor your boundaries?

• Do you tend towards self-punishment and the belief that life must be difficult?

• Do you attract unfulfilling relationships?

• Do you have a serious “not good enough” or “unworthy” story?

• Do you feel spiritually malnourished?

• Are you one of the millions of women suffering from thyroid, adrenal, hormonal, menstrual, weight, or digestive complications?

Explore the offerings and follow the stir within…

I offer three amazing one-on-one options

dedicated to your growth and healing:

The Awakening Sessions - An Entry Point For Change

This potent 90-minute session of soul-to-soul connection and depth aims to serve as a catalyst for stepping into possibilities.

In this sacred container, you’ll experience provocative coaching, energy healing, intuitive guidance, multilevel support, and more.

Understand and identify the roots of your present physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges – not just the symptoms.  We’ll strip away the murkiness and confusion for focus, clarity, awareness.

Leave feeling purposeful, clear, awakened, and with specific key action items and practices prescribed just for you.

Use these sessions for Seasonal Alignment, energy healing, guidance and education, nutritional counseling, dis-ease healing plans and protocols for multilevel support, and more. Packages of sessions are available for those seeking sporadic support outside of the 6- and 12-week options below.

Receive a custom flower essence formula and other specially chosen gift to support the work we began.

One 90-minute session

Holistic Life Coach Session 1

The Activation Intensive - 6 Weeks of Catalyzing

This six-week intensive guides you in working with your core story, taking action, stepping into possibilities, creating a solid, clear vision of your life and undoing the ways that keep you stuck in a cycle of shame.

Through weekly 1-hour sessions and unwavering guidance, you’ll create sustainable traction and gather resources and tools to continue leading your life from your authenticity. 

This intensive is laser-focused and tailored to you and your unique desires at this time.  Expect weekly assignments, action plans, specifically prescribed practices, rituals, health and lifestyle modifications, energetic medicine, and more.

Let’s unravel and begin to transmute your shame story.

Weekly 1-hour sessions

One custom flower essence formula and special gift to support you

6-Week Activation Intensive


Holistic Life Coach Intensive 2

The Arrival Experience - 12 Weeks of Reemergence

While all the containers I offer are profound, there’s nothing like this signature 12-week experience. Living purposefully and in aligned radiance is the process of continuing to arrive in each moment. When we arrive again and again, there’s no place else to be.

All my best tools and resources are available to you in this program and it is my intention to teach you to continuously engage in this work for life.  

• Embody who you really are without an ounce of anything else

• Identify and understand how shame is influencing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health

• Experience a deeper more intimate relationship with yourself and others

• Reclaim your soul’s sacred purpose and begin living it now

• Create sustainable, calculated, yet intuitively-led change, relearn the language of your soul and make it so you can’t go back

• Learn to show up for yourself diligently and consistently for epic change – no more “falling off the wagon”

• Identify and rewire old programs, heal ancestral shame and trauma, learn to identify your own needs, and honor your spiral energies

Change your life forever and become your sovereign,
self-healing, aligned, purposeful, true self.

Weekly 1-hour calls alternating between coaching, planning, and embodied rituals and energy work.

Weekly assignments and practices tailored to you and all in accordance with your overarching needs and goals.

3 custom flower essence formulas and a welcome package with specially curated items just for you.

Unlimited support between sessions.

You may expect: Customized holistic and integrative wellness prescriptions, herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle support, self-inquiry exercises, meditations, mudras, breathwork, energy practices, yoga postures, shadow work, dream analysis, creative embodiment practices, shamanic techniques, chakra balancing, intuitive healing, and more!

One-stop support for all levels of your being.

The Arrival Experience is by application only.
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Holistic Life Coach Interview

Can’t decide which option is just right for you at this time? Schedule a Core Wound Alchemy Session with me and let’s discuss your unique needs, visions, and the magic we can make together.

This mini-session is free and there is no obligation.

Holistic Life Coach Discovery


Through my practice as an intuitive guide, holistic life coach, and wellness mentor I have offered my services to clients from various ages and walks of life. This isn’t “work;” it’s my greatest passion, highest joy, and soul’s calling.

Holistic Life Coach Discovery

“Devon meets you where you are and lovingly, non-judgmentally leads you to being your best you and to love the current you as you go.

I came to Devon with unresolved abandonment issues, emotional traumas, battered self-esteem, and feeling stuck in many areas (just the tip of the iceberg!). Our calls dealt with issues I knew I needed to tackle but also brought to light – thanks to Devon – pieces of the puzzle I wasn’t consciously aware of… Devon was not only my biggest cheerleader and supporter, she was genuinely as excited as I was when these breakthroughs occurred.”


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