Day Lily Flower Essence


Serve Yourself Authentically + Heal the World

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Corresponding Frequencies: Priestess, guide, teacher, legacy creation, service, impact, devotion, future-oriented.

“I sacrifice my life force energy for the betterment of all to create legacy and lasting service and impact. My creativity serves as an avenue towards remembering the Way of Love, to seed future spirals of devotion, love, service, ease, grace, and peace. The seeds for the future are in the living and so long as there’s still life force energy available to this iteration, so there shall be the intention of guiding and teaching.”

Helps to ignite the spark and motivation within to serve others through deeply serving self. This is a huge paradigm shift for a culture that views “serving self” as “selfish,” “luxurious,” and “frivolous.” As a result, many of us have resistance towards prioritizing our needs. However, as a sensitive soul, you’re here for a mission and without softening armors, owning your strength, and choosing daily to be you and serve you, life will always feel challenging. Day Lily re-links our sacral and third eye chakras so we can receive divine inspiration and then birth it through our holy wombs.

Additionally, Day Lily heals wounds to our creativity and helps us to tenderly be the beings we truly are in each day and moment without illusions. For softening armors, coping mechanisms, and defensiveness. For embodying our grace and expressing our totality in each moment. For living our days fully in accordance with our truth. Remember who you are; that each gift you possess is unique and needed and extraordinary. Not showing up doesn’t keep you safe. It perpetuates the collective illusion of unsafe, powerless, unworthy.

Learn more about InnerSpark’s Flower Essence Line for Activating Divine Subtle Feminine Sensitivity.

Invitations For Use: Unless specially directed otherwise, take a grounding breath and shake your essence bottle to activate the energies. Take three drops, three times per day directly into the mouth or in a glass of water.

Contains: vibrational essence of day lily, purified water, organic apple cider vinegar, organic brandy, and love.

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