High Priestess Frequency Autumn Support + Ritual Bundle


Use the magic of The High Priestess Frequency and Autumn for empowerment, service, clarity, and to strengthen your relationship with The Mother.


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The Wheel turns once more as we enter into Autumn!

On InnerSpark’s Wheel of Frequencies, this time is The High Priestess Frequency. After aaaaall we’ve experienced, learned, unlearned, seen, and felt this year, it’s time to step into this part of ourselves that uses our vital life force energy, our time, our focus on teaching and serving.

The High Priestess Frequency knows that work and efforts are for the greater good of all. The fruits of labor make themselves known, and graciously offering it to others is the entire point. The High Priestess Frequency is a beautiful representation of The Mother, our relationship with Mother, and ourselves as Mother (with or without little humxns).

After the year we’ve had, I imagine the perseverance, the learning, the lessons, the adaptability, the fortitude, the growth you’ve experienced has been astronomical! How can this be harnessed and channeled for the greater good? There’s a whole spectrum of possibilities and I imagine as the end of the year draws near, this desire for meaning-making, closure, and offering will become stronger.

Know what can help with clarity and empowerment in this process? The High Priestess Frequency Essence and Activation, and of course some focused, one on one time with me, beloved. In honor of the arrival of Autumn and The High Priestess Frequency, I’ve created a bundle for you!

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