Pine Flower Essence


Removes Shame + Guilt

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Corresponding Frequencies: Beltane, Venus, lover, eros, erotic innocence, pleasure, puberty, life-affirming.

“I embrace my innocence, my natural erotic essence, and shamelessly receive the pleasure and joy that are my birthright. I am eros and embrace fully the sweet orgasmic current of life and its full spectrum. My curiosity, innocence, and tenderness guide my explorations and evolution along my spiral journey.”

Pine Essence carries many codes for healing shame in complex, deep, and permeating ways and helps us stop seeking external validation, “healing,” or “saving.” Pine allows us see what is already within and reminds of our innate wholeness and beauty. Resolves childhood shame and pain and restores sensuality, erotic innocence, and healthy exploration. Also resolves sexual shame and conflicts with the masculine through re-linking us with the sacred spiral and birth-life-death cycles in all areas of one’s life – physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually. Shame truly altars genetic expression and structure by creating stagnation. Stagnation is the root of all disease; it’s a freeze state often brought on by some flavor of shame, which is the product of attachments, unmet expectations of oneself, or internalizing the wrongdoing of another. Especially useful for stabilizing the system and bringing acceptance, lightness, curiosity, and surrender.

Learn more about InnerSpark’s Flower Essence Line for Activating Divine Subtle Feminine Sensitivity.

Invitations For Use: Unless specially directed otherwise, take a grounding breath and shake your essence bottle to activate the energies. Take three drops, three times per day directly into the mouth or in a glass of water.

Contains: vibrational essence of pine, purified water, organic apple cider vinegar, organic brandy, and love.

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