Root to Spiral Collective

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The deeper we root into our inner knowing, the greater our capacity to activate our gifts. We can only spiral to the degree that we are rooted.


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Living the path of self-mastery and cosmic alignment is ongoing work.

Each quarter and each month therein focuses on an aspect of that theme. All is divinely aligned with the unique seasonal and cosmic influences and invitations of the time. These energetic frequencies service as guides and catalysts for our personal and spiritual development and evolution.

All teachings and practices blend the abstract with the tangible, offering you grounded applications for a powerful experience that will be felt in all aspects of your life.

Root to Spiral Collective Outline:

  • Access to Member’s Only portal: This is NOT a Facebook Group. This is private, sacred community a collection of member’s only discussions and forums contained here on InnerSpark, away from social media entirely. I know as sensitive, introverted beings we value meaningful connection, although sometimes it can feel challenging to come by. This component of Root to Spiral is so special to me and I know it will quickly become a source of inspiration, connection, support, and sisterhood for you.
  • Energetic Frequency Readings + Reports: This monthly transmission is delivered via video and written materials in the private member’s portal near the New Moon. This is a deep, yet succinct and actionable guide that provides the subtle energetic influences and invitations for that month as it aligns seasonally and cosmically. A theme guides each quarterly spiral and each month provides a specific angle on that theme. The Energetic Frequency Readings + Reports discuss suggested practices for the times, journal prompts to practice the art of self-inquiry and knowing thyself, archetypal wisdom and goddess mythology, astrological insights, plant medicines, and… So. Much. More. Truly a treat in supporting your path of spirally living! This is accessed via your private member’s only portal.
  • Full Moon Embodiment Practice: Near each Full Moon, you’ll receive a specially crafted treat to support you in deeply embodying and activating the particular frequencies of each quarterly spiral and each moon. Having these experiences in your life and body in grounded ways makes it more real. This may look like a special activity or ritual for you to complete, a guided video or audio practice, a seasonal craft, or more!
  • Live Collective Gathering: We’ll have a live gathering to end each month. We’ll journey, heal, practice ritual and embodiment, and amplify our sacred devotions in community in real time. This is a time to ask questions, share your voice, and enjoy the power of the live collective. Our live sessions are guided by the quarterly and monthly energies and theme and may include ritual, meditation, embodiment explorations, breathwork, and/or subtle energy healing. You’re invited to befriend and become more intimate with your potent subtle energies to reawaken your own inner healing wise woman.


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