Spurred Butterfly Pea Flower Essence


Soul’s Blueprint + Dharma Activation

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Corresponding Frequencies: Yule/Winter Solstice, rejuvenation, replenishment, soul blueprint, origin codes, womb-tomb, the place of no-thing and source of all things, Sophia.

“I am formless and fully surrendered, awaiting vision and direction on the next part of my spiral journey. In the great cosmic void, the womb-tomb, the in-between, I rest and take refuge. I receive repairs, mending, healing, wholeness, resiliency, my honey pot is refilled.”

Spurred Butterfly Pea Flower Essence helps us to remember, reclaim, and activate our soul’s divine blueprint. With so much shame and pain and trauma associated with being a woman and especially a sensitive, magical woman, we may find ourselves disconnected from our mission. This mission, or Dharma, is sacred. It is mutually pleasurable; we feel just as ecstatic offering our gifts as others do receiving them. Spurred Butterfly Pea helps us remember what that sacred offering is for us; where we feel so full that we must share. Helps us to restore our original blueprint and clarify our dharma, which is the deeper, soul, feminine part of soul’s desired experience, whereas the “career” is more logistical and tangible.

Learn more about InnerSpark’s Flower Essence Line for Activating Divine Subtle Feminine Sensitivity.

Invitations For Use: Unless specially directed otherwise, take a grounding breath and shake your essence bottle to activate the energies. Take three drops, three times per day directly into the mouth or in a glass of water.

Contains: vibrational essence of spurred butterfly pea, purified water, organic apple cider vinegar, organic brandy, and love.

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