Yoni Exploratory

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This self-paced, 3-day course serves as an introductory exploratory in de-shaming and reclaiming the yoni.

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In this self-paced Exploratory you’ll receive 3 potent practices delivered straight to your inbox over the course of 5 days that draw upon shamanic journeywork, energy healing, guided imagery, expressive arts and movement, and more.

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Josephine Ash
8 months ago

It’s hard to find words to explain the deeply transformative and moving experience I had through Devon’s Yoni course. It enabled me to make the final and most difficult shift in understanding the shame I have always carried. The course asks you to really look within yourself, at your core beliefs about yourself as a woman. This has also been very interesting to look at from my role as a Midwife. I found the visualisation on the last day incredible powerful and I will always be deeply grateful to Devon for how her course has helped me move into this… Read more »

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