What is Sovereignty?
What does sovereignty mean to you?
What would it mean for your life if you reclaimed your innate sovereign nature?

Sovereignty is something we usually hear most when it’s associated with royalty or government – sovereign kings, sovereign nations.

It is to be self-governing, to have the highest authority and power over something – a land, a group of people. For the purposes of today, I’m talking about sovereignty as it relates to you – by you and for you.

How do we usually think of those kings or those nations? Not easily influenced, not easily swayed, they’re decisive, they’re firm and resolute, patient and unwavering, strong in their values and ideals.

To be sovereign is to be free.

It’s to be free of influence and free from the illusion of others having power over you. Sovereignty is freedom in yourself to be whole and complete.

To me, sovereignty means I am my own higher power, I am the creator of my experiences, I am completely self-responsible, and above all else, I do need external validation or permission or cues for my feelings, my choices, and my truths. My sovereignty means I live my life in accordance with my values and my highest passions, which in turn, is healing the planet.

Owning my innate sovereignty is me recognizing that there’s nothing outside of or greater than me and I am that which I seek. I am part of the whole. I am holy and sacred and divine. I am a piece of the Universe aware of itself. I simply am.

Sovereignty isn’t selfishness. Sovereignty is authenticity and devotion to the whole through authentically knowing and expressing oneself

Again, Sovereignty is authenticity and devotion to the whole through authentically knowing and expressing oneself.

Sovereignty + Free Will

No matter what,
we always have the power to make decisions.

This sense of free will and decision-making abilities is something we all have, each day, no matter what the external circumstances in our life may be at the time. Getting out of bed, whether or not we answer the phone when it rings, what to put into our bodies and when, whether or not we’ll smile at the cashier… These are all simple examples of daily choices we each make of our own accord.

Acknowledging these and choosing to act from love and devotion to life, rather than with any sense of reward- or safety- or validation-seeking, is our highest ability. In an earlier article, From Have to Get, I talk about the power of words. If reclaiming your sovereignty feels challenging, begin with watching the words you use and when and how they may have flavors of victim or powerlessness. You don’t “have to” do anything. You “choose to” or “get to” do the things in which you invest your time.

We are ALWAYS sovereign beings, regardless of what’s happening externally because sovereignty isn’t dependent upon anything that’s happening outside of you.

Know that 99 percent of life is out of your influence no matter what – there’s a sense of safety and certainty in that; a sense of freedom and refuge in that fact. From birth to death, we’re at the mercy of the cosmos, so channel your energy and focus into the one percent you CAN influence. These seemingly “small” things are the way you exercise your sovereignty and create the experiences you most desire. This becomes your guiding way; your North Star.

Protecting  your  crown

As sovereign beings, it’s imperative to protect our crown.

Again, this isn’t some monarchy, royal family literal crown I’m talking about here. It’s more than that, so much more! Although if wearing an actual crown helps you to really embody this energy, by all means, go for it! I love crowns!

Your crown is your antenna. It’s your place of exaltation and receiving divine codes so that you can anchor them into your Earthly body. It’s your highest of the seven main chakras that sits right above your head and corresponds with the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. The hypothalamus is the master of your endocrine system. This completely regulates and dictates the overall health and function of your entire system. Yah, that’s a huge deal.

When this area, literally and energetically, isn’t protected, we open ourselves up to a host of challenges.

When the channels of our energetic and physical communications are clogged, there’s static. This communication being between our hypothalamus and the rest of our endocrine system – thyroid, adrenals, etc. This also includes our more subtle communication – receiving intuitive and divine guidance and insight to then anchor into the physical. Static can show up as ill health, feeling stuck and frustrated, unable to hear yourself, difficulty trusting your intuition, and more.

How Our Crowns + Sovereignty Get Compromised

You’ll know your crown is being compromised and you’re not in your innate sovereign essence when your decisions are based on your perception of external influences alone.

An example that I know so many of my clients relate to is body image. When we are more caught up in worrying about how we look rather than how we feel, our sovereignty is compromised. When we’re focused on how we look, that’s for others. We’re not on the outside looking at ourselves; we’re inside of our bodies looking out at the world. When we’re focused on things to manipulate our appearance, that’s an external thing.

When the focus is on how we feel, that’s sovereignty, that’s internal, that’s all for us and us alone. And, typically, by leading with the desired feelings and experiences we want, our appearance changes as a result without the challenge and hassle that “diet culture” and “no pain, no gain” has us believe.

Our conditioning has us looking externally for validation and decision-making. When we’re more worried about how others will react to our life choices and intuitive guidance, our sovereignty is being compromised. When we must Google everything or consult with others before our intuition when making decisions, our sovereignty is being compromised.

Your path is uniquely yours and won’t look like anyone else’s. Stop looking for external cues and external validation. All you need is within.

Connect With Your Most Queenly Self

Center yourself through connecting with your breath and your body and allow yourself to settle into a comfortable posture. Spend several moments breathing and anchoring, softening and opening. Bring your awareness to your crown and allow an image of your most exalted, Queenly crown to appear on your head. Notice how this feels – is there resistance or ease?

Take some time to reflect on these questions, love.

👑 How does my most Queenly self long to show up in the world?
👑 How does my most Queenly self look, speak, act, think, engage with others, spend her days?
👑 What does my most Queenly self have to share with me at this time?

Remember, your sovereignty is YOU. It is always here, it is your birthright. You are not powerless and you are not a victim. You are power-full and a victor. Begin to notice how you speak to yourself and choose to see the choices you make daily. Choose to channel your energy towards that one percent I mentioned. Choose to live from within and not seek on the outside. Choose to embody your sovereignty and watch as your entire world – inside and out – finds greater wholeness and alignment.

Additional Support

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