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Below you’ll find descriptions and links for the latest in free resources and magical offerings from my sensitive heart to yours.

Here’s to activating the sensitive soul.

The Core Wound Alchemy Experience is an intensive, one-on-one mentorship of profound activation for sensitive women ready to use their core wounds as gifts and purpose. 

The Sensitive Soul’s
Monthly Tune Up


This intuitively-led container of support is a monthly date with your soul. 

These 60-minute one-on-one sessions are specifically for the sensitive, intuitive, empathic soul who is ready to be the bad ass, empowered, graceful, and sovereign leader of her life.

Your sensitivity, powerful intuition, and deep empathy are your greatest gifts. My virtual monthly classes are designed to deliver fresh wisdom, tools, and practices to help you thrive as a sensitive soul. It is high time for us to rise together and use the power of our subtle nature.

Yoni Exploratory

The yoni is more than a physical location. The yoni is the storage house of an entire legacy of feminine shame, as well as a gateway to the depths of your innate feminine magic. In this 3-day, self-paced exploratory, you will reconnect to the sacred spiral energies within, empower yourself as a self-healing wise woman, address ancestral trauma, and more.

The Journey Continues

Subtle Medicine podcast

Subtle Medicine is for the sensitive, intuitive, empathic soul looking to reclaim their power and reconnect to their magic! These potent transmissions are in service to you  remembering how to trust your body, align with Nature and cosmic flow, leverage your subtle energies, and transmute trauma and pain into gifts and purpose. I bring a unique approach complete with Western science, ancient metaphysical wisdom, embodied experience, and keen intuition for the sensitive soul to create profound, sustainable, holistic shifts in life, health, body, relationships, and spiritual growth.

Read more of what empowers, inspires, and moves you.

Ancestral Healing

5 Ways to Break Legacies of Trauma You are a unique individual. There’s no one like you that has ever existed or will ever exist again. Everything about you is completely one-of-a-kind from your fingerprints to the way your DNA expresses itself to your gifts and...

Healing Feminine Shame with Pleasure

Regardless of anatomy or personal gender identification, we’re all carrying a legacy of feminine shame. I refer to feminine energy as “spiral energy” and masculine energy as “triangle energy.” I prefer these terms because they don’t come loaded with all of the...

Chakra Balancing

What Are the Chakras? Chakras are energetic sites that correspond with different stages of the soul’s maturation process. Each site represents a stage of development, an archetype, and a function. Each one comes “alive” as we grow and come into our own maturation...

Creating Authentic Spirituality

Spirituality isn’t religion and many people that are religious are not actually spiritual. Spirituality is a way of viewing the world. It’s a way of thinking, feeling, and believing. It’s a way of surrendering to the greater flow, the Great Web of Life, cosmic order,...

Breathwork: Directing and Influencing Energy

Breath is the flow of life, it is the guardian of life and the spark of magic required to animate this sacred physical vessel. Of the things required to maintain the physical body – sleep, food, water, breath – the one we can go the shortest amount of time without is...

Mudras: Yoga of the Hands

What Are Mudras? Yoga has been around for thousands and thousands of years for a reason. This entire system of living provides guidance and resources for optimal health and vitality. One of the practices of this ancient system involves the use of “mudras,” which is...

Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts & Creativity For Emotional Flow When it came to emotional flow, I used to be incredibly lost. I felt disconnected from my body and overwhelmed by my emotions. Emotional displays felt inappropriate and unnecessary and frivolous. Eventually I came to...

Yoga For The Highly Sensitive Person

Yoga is an ancient science of health and spiritual awakening, the depth and breadth of which go way beyond the scope of this article. In the West, yoga typically conjures images of attractive white women doing handstands and pretzel-like physical postures. To me, this...

Intuitive Energy Healing

From Reiki and Qigong in the Far East to Yoga in India and Quantum Healing in the West, the world is full of various methods of working with subtle energies. Even within these disciplines there can be significant differences amongst practitioners, leaving us to wonder...

What is Shamanism?

Shamanic Healing The concept of shamanic healing has seen a resurrection in recent years in mainstream culture and it’s about time. At its core, shamanism is the earliest form of natural healing. The word “shaman” comes from Siberia and refers to their medicine...

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