Stop outsourcing your sovereignty. Quest within. Remember your wholeness.

So many of us are searching for something… our lives have slowly become an endless quest to “fix” what ails us. We look for external solutions. We outsource our sovereignty and come into co-dependent relationships with life. We resent our sensitive systems, our empathic nature, our fierce intuition. We disconnect from our lives and our bodies. We perceive ourselves as broken, fundamentally flawed and unlovable. We resent the spiral nature of life, of ourselves. We have no awareness of or reverence for it. We lack a strong internal structure, sense of containment, and devoted discipline.

What if this didn’t have to be the case?

What if what we’ve been questing for was here all along - hidden in plain sight?

What if it’s through these cycles, phases, and inevitable changes - the spiral - that we have direct access to our sovereign Self, our divinity, our highest capacity and potentiality in this life?

What if these cycles and phases were here to guide us, influence us, teach us, inspire us, initiate us?

What if through repairing our relationship with our inner structure, we realized that the spiral WAS life and we had access to experiencing MORE of it, ALL of it?

That’s the art of spirally living. That’s what InnerRose Sanctuary's Root to Spiral Collective is here for: to guide you back into the Great Mystery within, the sacred spiral path contained in your precious heart - the great site of divine integration.

Join us and together we will strip away the layers of dogma, ancestral wounds, patriarchal conditioning, and the like to find and remember our wholeness and sovereignty.

Welcome to the
Root to Spiral

The potency of anything in life is realized through consistency and devoted discipline. Having a dedicated space is the way to ensure you show up for yourself consistently. Showing up for yourself consistently is the way to create the experience you most desire and deserve in your life. Creating that experience requires exercising your devoted discipline, receiving and believing in your vision, trust and support.

This is sovereignty.
This is rooting to spiral.


This is the magic that is woven in the containers I provide for you, beloved. In this space, when you show up for yourself consistently, magic happens. It can’t not happen.

This quarterly collective provides a container for your continued exploration of self, healing, activating your sacred purpose, and becoming the sovereign leader of your life as a sensitive, introverted soul.

This is for the being that deeply desires living in alignment with the subtle forces of creation, while also knowing how to apply that embodied awareness to the tangible aspects of their lives:


  • Setting boundaries confidently and honoring their needs
  • Creating fluid and sustainable self-care practices
  • Experiencing authentic and fulfilling spirituality
  • Ending codependent relationships with life and external permission-seeking
  • Cultivating empowering and supportive relationships with money, food, others, and above all, their souls

Living the path of self-mastery and cosmic alignment is ongoing work.

Each quarter and each month therein focuses on an aspect of that theme. All is divinely aligned with the unique seasonal and cosmic influences and invitations of the time. These energetic frequencies service as guides and catalysts for our personal and spiritual development and evolution. 

All teachings and pratices blend the abstract with the tangible, offering you grounded applications for a powerful experience that will be felt in all aspects of your life.

Root to Spiral Collective Outline:

  • Energy reading for the month with:
    ‣ Suggested practice and ritual to work with throughout the month
    ‣ Plant medicine suggestions with recipe(s)
    ‣ Seasonal and cosmic wisdom, archetypal insight, invitations, initiations, and more, to really embody the art of spirally living
    ‣ Journal prompts to practice the art of self-inquiry and knowing thyself
    ‣ Additional resource suggestions, special offers/discounts, and more
  • Access to Member’s Only portal
  • New Moon live virtual collective gathering for ritual, meditation, embodiment explorations, breathwork, and/or subtle energy healing
  • Specially crafted Full Moon embodiment ritual, practice, challenge, and/or exercise
  • Monthly live virtual Q+A session to go deeper, receive clarity, guidance, and support

By enrolling, you are agreeing to our
privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Looking for 1:1 support to deepen your experience in the Root to Spiral Collective?

In addition to participating in Root to Spiral Collective and receiving all the magic therein, members have the the transformative option of adding a 1-hour monthly session with Devon. This is the only way to work with Devon one-on-one!

Membership has additional perks such as discounts in The Apothecary and InnerRose Library, as well as any future offerings while still a member.

The deeper we root into our inner knowing, the greater our capacity to activate our gifts. We can only spiral to the degree that we are rooted.

Here are answers to all of your questions, as well as further details for each of the components of this activating experience:

What is the Energy Report and how is it delivered?

The Monthly Energy Report is a deep, yet succinct and actionable guide delivered through a video with a written component. It provides the subtle energetic influences and invitations for that month as it aligns seasonally and cosmically. A theme guides each month, a practice is given, archetypal wisdom is shared, goddess mythology, plant medicines, discounts on Apothecary items, and so. much. more. Truly a treat! This is accessed via your private member’s only portal where it remains yours forever!

What is the flow of each month?

Each journey is a quarter (three months) and each of our three months together month is guided by the lunar phases, rather than the traditional calendar. The flow begins with the release of the Energy Report, followed by the live group gathering near the New Moon, then the pre-recorded/written Full Moon embodiment practice, then our live Q+A gathering.

Each month you receive two pre-created goodies (the Energy Report and the Full Moon Embodiment Practice) and two live gatherings (Subtle Energy Healing Gathering and our Live Q+A Session).

What happens on the live gatherings?

Each month features two live gatherings, for a total of six each quarter. The first is a New Moon virtual gathering where we will participate in a guided meditation/journey, ritual, embodiment practices, subtle energy healing, and more! Each month’s gathering will be in support of the themes and energies of the month as dictated by seasonal and cosmic flow and the channeled energy report provided. These will be recorded and available to members through the portal. The second live call happens about two weeks later and is a Q+A session. These calls are all about YOU! Bring your questions, wins, challenges, declarations, and anything else with which you wish to receive support and witnessing. These will be recorded and available to members through the portal.

What is the full moon embodiment practice?

Each month is uniquely themed in accordance with seasonal and cosmic flow and the unique energetic frequencies and invitaions of the time. Full Moon practices are pre-recorded audio, video, or written materials and are an opportunity for you to have a tangible experience of the teachings for the month.

What sorts of monthly themes can I expect?

Each month is unique and will be guided by the rhythms of the seasons and the cosmos. From that, Devon creates a powerful curriculum and subtle energetic experience for each month. Given the intuitive and spiral-led structure of the membership series, a “topic schedule” is virtually impossible to create. That said, you can definitely expect to learn and implement some of the following and more…

  • Healing Feminine Shame
  • Ancestral/Lineage Healing
  • Simpler, Earth-Based/Seasonal Living
  • Body Trust/Embodiment Wisdom + Guidance of Shadows/Shadow Work
  • Plant Medicine/Plant-Based Living
  • Reproductive + Endocrine Health
  • Energy Healing/Subtle Energy
    Yoga + Meditation + Breathwork
  • Integration + Inner Alchemy/Union

Click here to learn more about Devon and her most beloved modalities.

How do I get 1:1 work with Devon?

At this time, only members of Root to Spiral Collective have access to Devon’s exclusive, limited client roster. 1:1 sessions are lifechanging and provide the client the opportunity to go even deeper in applying these ways of living to their unique life and needs. Additionally, clients have access to Devon’s robust skillset, expertise, and experiences in a wide variety of modalities and embodied experience. Learn More

Walk With Us

The InnerRose Sanctuary is a private online community. In these containers, you’ll find connections with peers in a contained, safe virtual. As sensitive, introverted beings, I know the value of this resource is immense and it’s an important aspect of The InnerRose Sanctuary.

Beloved, the path to wholeness is a sacred journey that continues to spiral on throughout your life and with the support found through InnerRose Sanctuary’s Root to Spiral Collective, your life is sure to exceed your wildest dreams. This is a living, breathing community and you are cordially invited with us.

We begin March 2020!

Don’t be shy Dear One. Reach out to me with any questions.

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