Which energetic and archetypal wisdom center (aka chakra) in your body needs an extra dose of TLC?

Take this quiz to locate your main deficiency and learn clear, practical ways to experience alignment and activation NOW through the process of inner alchemy.

1.I have a compromised immune system, asthma, poor circulation, or challenges with my cardiovascular system.
2.I have a hard time with my emotional flow either feeling totally overtaken by them or completely shutting them away.
3.I feel anxious and shy around others and find it difficult to be my authentic self.
4.I experience sore throats, coughs, and/or frequently clear my throat.
5.I struggle with discipline and showing up for myself consistently.
6.I have thyroid, sinus, and/or ear problems.
7.I often feel unsafe, anxious, or stressed in my daily life.
8.I tend to put myself in the martyr or victim role.
9.I often defer my opinions and beliefs to others or establishments outside of myself and have a difficult time feeling or thinking for myself.
10.I have lower back, kidney or bladder, or reproductive/hormonal health challenges.
11.It is challenging for me to be compassionate with myself and/or others.
12.I have experienced sexual trauma.
13.Public speaking, meeting new people, singing in public all sound like my idea of hell.
14.I feel I don’t know what’s worth fighting for in my life; I lack zest and passion.
15.I have challenges in my relationship with food, perhaps binge eating or stopping eating completely when emotional.
16.I struggle with feeling like my basic, survival needs are met.
17.I am often angry.
18.I have digestive challenges.
19.I have a weak core.
20.I don’t have “big visions” or “dreams” for my life; they feel out of reach.
21.I have a challenging time expressing myself or I talk a lot… like a lot and haven’t yet found a happy medium.
22.I feel creatively blocked.
23.I have neurological issues, endocrine disorders, light sensitivity, and/or mental fog.
24.I ignore my intuition or just don’t feel connected to it.
25.I have a very hard time sleeping, vision problems, and/or headaches.
26.I have a hard time connecting to Source or something greater than myself.
27.I often don’t know whose energy I am holding and it’s challenging to decipher what’s mine or theirs.
28.I have or have had chronic fatigue, adrenal insufficiency (aka adrenal fatigue), or various kinds of “mystery symptoms.”
29.I have a difficult time expressing my boundaries.
30.I am overly logical or overly emotional – not in the middle.
31.I often feel frustrated and bored by life.
32.I have experienced heartbreak that I still hold onto and about which I feel resentful.
33.My libido is either insatiable or completely non-existent.
34.I don’t recall my dreams in the morning and wonder if I even dream at all.
35.I have a challenging relationship with money and worry about not having enough of it.

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