What Does it Mean to be Sensitive?

Words like “sensitive,” “intuitive,” and “empath” are gaining in popularity and rightfully so! This small segment of the population possesses many magical attributes that are needed nowadays more than ever. We’re currently seeing the resurrection and rise of the archetypal healer, teacher, magician, prophetess, goddess. At the core of these much needed energetic archetypes is a sensitive, intuitive, empathic (simply “sensitive” from here on in this article) soul with a big mission.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, while these people are incredibly needed, they’re simultaneously shunned and misunderstood as we transition from a very linear, hyperactive, disconnected way of being to a more grounded, reverent, and unified way. The sensitive holds the magic sauce to ensure this shift happens before it’s too late. I don’t mean to sound like a downer, however, we are indeed in a very interesting time in human history.

Roots of Sensitivity

There are many reasons why someone is a sensitive person, however, most of the time it stems from early life trauma. Our heightened sensory abilities, innate to each human, were hyper-aroused and therefore, developed more keenly. However, these abilities, the gifts of sensitivity, are meant to be used for creative, healing, magic-making purposes. The sensitive aspect of us is most connected to our inner child – read all about the inner child and re-accessing her here.

Thriving Sensitivity

When our sensitive abilities are constantly geared towards survival and we’re kept in a state of “fight or flight,” our full potential never reveals itself. This is why I am so passionate about this work and about empowering sensitive souls to thrive! If you would like to learn more about the roots of sensitivity and what it means to be a sensitive person, I invite you to purchase the replay of the first session of my Thrive series.

What Does it Mean to Be A Sensitive? 13 Ways to Tell

If you’ve ever been shamed for your emotions, projected upon for speaking truth and addressing elephants in the room, or have a deep well of love and compassion in your heart that longs to be expressed, read on, sister.

A sensitive person differs from simply having the quality of sensitivity or empathy. While humans at their core, in my opinion, are inherently loving and good and possess qualities of empathy and compassion, a sensitive person goes beyond simply possessing a quality. A sensitive person’s entire system on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic – is made up differently than the average.

A sensitive person feels drained and overwhelmed in crowds, loud environments, and very stimulating situations.

A sensitive person is often quite intolerant of stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, nicotine, and the like.

A sensitive person is incredibly creative and feels deeply connected to artful expressions.

A sensitive person can “read” another like a book and pick up on the subtlest cues about their current state.

A sensitive person often feels quite spiritual and more comfortable in the liminal or “otherworlds” than they do in the physical, Earthly world.

A sensitive person often struggles with anxiety and physical health challenges such as autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalances, digestive disturbances, and “mystery symptoms” that involve physical discomfort and pain.

A sensitive person feels incredibly deeply and finds themselves getting very involved in situations outside of them due to weak boundaries.

A sensitive person often feels overwhelmed by many stimuli happening simultaneously. A gathering of people conversing while simultaneously watching television and listening to music is their idea of hell.

A sensitive person can feel impacted by others’ moods.

A sensitive person has heightened sensory perceptions, meaning that some or all of their physical senses are picking up signals and cues more frequently.

A sensitive person feels things – emotions, energies, weather changes, arrangements of items in a room, EMFs from electronics, etc. – so deeply that they have visceral reactions.

A sensitive person cannot consume certain types of media because the imprints from these will also create unfavorable conditions in their system. Violent images may stick with them for days or appear in dreams, for example.

What are the challenges and gifts?

Combine having this incredibly porous system with living in a culture that shames sensitivity, this population is more prone to challenges. Physical health challenges, anxiety, settling for mediocrity, staying small and quiet, not living one’s dreams and potential, and more can plague the sensitive.

However, that doesn’t have to be your fate. You are the way you are for a very special, specific purpose. It’s time to rise. Every single trait about you is a gift and rather than falling into the shame and resentment trap and trying to “fix” yourself and get the sensitivity out, I invite you to work with these qualities as gifts.

How to Strengthen These Precious Attributes

Shadow Work
We resist parts of ourselves (like our sensitivity) because of deep programming and/or childhood or ancestral traumas. Addressing these layers and peeling away untruths is the way towards embodying sensitivity with reverence and purpose. Read more for how Shadow Work offers us an avenue.

Holistic Nutrition
Your physical body is your sacred temple and vessel. It’s also more delicate than the average person’s, which means it definitely requires proper, Earth-made nourishment. Additionally, I invite you to think of nutrition beyond food. That is holistic nutrition. Read more.

Sensitive souls are more connected to Nature and require it for proper maintenance and clarity. Connecting to Nature and using her medicines through a variety of ways is non-negotiable. Read more for some ways to reconnect and deepen this precious relationship.

Another name for us: Lightworkers. Read more about this concept and our sacred mission at this time on the planet.

Seasonal Living
Seasonal Living is way more than watermelon in summer and sweaters in winter. It’s about energetically connecting to the sacred spiral rhythm of our being and of the cosmos. It’s about reconnecting to our subtle energies and creating through divine insight and inspiration the lives we most desire. Read more for ways to connect to Seasonal Living.

Many sensitives are disconnected from their bodies. While we’re here on Earth, these wise and ancient vessels act as translators for us. If we’re not fully in our bodies and allowing them to guide us with sensations, we can’t fully create and thrive. Read more for embodiment practices.

Energetic Maintenance
Read more for simple tips on energetic maintenance for the sensitive soul.

Energy Healing
You are your own best healer always. Read more to learn all about energy healing and how it can serve as a resource for you. ways to develop your own energy healing practices.

Intuitive Energy Healing
Develop your own intuitive energy healing practices and strengthen your boundaries, feel more grounded, and become the clear channel you are meant to be.

Thrive Series
My monthly virtual classes are created just for the sensitive, intuitive, empath woman ready to embody her magic and thrive. Each month brings a fresh theme, lesson, and practices to equip you with the resources necessary to thrive as a sensitive soul. Join us!

Sister, please come into right relationship with the totality of your being and the truth of yourself. Your uniqueness is a gift. These qualities are possessed by such a small percentage of the population and it’s time for us to live by example of what true strength, power, and purpose look like as a human BEING.


I’m Devon Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT and I am Holistic Life Coach + Catalyst + Intuitive + Writer on a mission to identify and transmute the roots of the shame story that’s running your life so you can live your fullest, most authentic incarnation in accordance with your soul’s sacred purpose. If you feel called to work together, please schedule a complimentary, magical Core Wound Alchemy Session.

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