The Sensitive Soul’s Monthly Tune Up

Intuitive Healing + Mentoring Sessions

This intuitively-led container of support is a monthly date with your soul. These 60-minute one-on-one sessions are specifically for the sensitive, intuitive, empathic soul who is ready to be the bad ass, empowered, graceful, and sovereign leader of her life.  

We’ll meet you where you are each month, while encouraging the continued unfolding of your sacred visions. Together, we’ll explore your current needs and challenges, your desires, your physical body and health, the state of your relationships, your habits and core beliefs, and more!

You can expect:

• Personalized lifestyle and health recommendations such as seasonal wellness and living suggestions, embodiment and movement practices, and herbal and nutritional interventions

• A fresh set of practices, rituals, and prompts each month to empower you to awaken the self-healing wise woman within and to deeply acquaint you with your unique energy

• Weekly touches via email between sessions to provide continued accountability and clarity

Our sessions are magical portals! Through resources like guided journeys, chakra and endocrine assessment and alignment, embodiment activities, expressive arts, distance healings, plant readings, and more, expect massive insight, clarity, and wholeness.

My methods are truly a scrumptious combination of practical applications and tangible work with esoteric wisdom and energetic shifts.

I see you sensitive being. You don’t need to try to take on this big world alone or continue fighting your innate nature. The personalized support found in these one on one monthly containers will equip you with the resources and practices necessary to use your sensitive abilities as gifts. You will remember how to trust your body, align with Nature and seasonal flow, leverage and befriend your subtle energies, and create purpose from your wounds. You are needed and the time is now, sister.

Select one of the options below to get started.

Due to the nature of this work and my signature change process,
I require a minimum six month commitment.

Sessions are available as monthly or bi-monthly packages depending on the desired depth and frequency of support. Reach out to discuss your specific needs if you have any questions!

Monthly Packages

$500 per month
for six months.

$2,700 in full
(6 sessions)

$4,800 for a year
(12 sessions)

Bi-monthly Packages

$1,000 per month
for six months.

$5,700 in full
(12 sessions)

$10,800 for a year
(24 sessions)

By purchasing you agree to the terms and conditions.

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