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Virtual Live Courses:


Flower Essence Collective Journeys

This is a quarterly collective journey where we’ll work with a focused theme, archetypes, challenges, Earth wisdom and Celtic holy days with a supportive flower essence formula each month. Live Q&As, rituals, private Facebook groups, and more surprises and bonuses!


Chakra Deep Dive

Curious to learn more about the chakras and their correspondences with your endocrine system? Did you know that a deficient or damaged “root chakra” can yield adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances, and more? Become your own healer and therapist and unravel the subconscious imprints that are resulting in physical dis-ease in your life in this seven-week embodied exploration of the main chakras.


The Art of Transmuting Challenges

This life-changing six-month group container is a profound alchemical cauldron of deep transmutation and transformation. Learn to work with challenges in your physical reality and from life experiences and distill the gifts and wisdom therein to create your soul’s purpose.


Mindful Nourishment: Healing Emotional Cravings

Emotional eating doesn’t have to rule your life and as with any “challenge,” there is deep wisdom and medicine there for you if you have the tools, stability, and support to receive them. This course offers guidance, embodiment resources, and practical tools to help you learn from these cravings and deepen your relationship with yourself to find food freedom and body peace.


Life Cleanse Course

This empowering eight-week workshop invites you to reevaluate your relationship with your Self, food, pleasure, the world around you, your boundaries and needs, Spirit and your own sacredness.  You’ll create sustainable, nourishing, fluid wellness practices deeply rooted in compassion and love.


Self-Paced Digital Courses:


Creating Whole Being Nourishment:
4 Weeks to a Wholly Delicious Life:

Self-Paced Digital Course Sent to your inbox and done on your schedule

Any sustainable shift desired in life will not happen unless it’s coming from an intention of pure love.  When out of alignment with our various layers, dis-ease manifests.

The way to empowerment, sovereignty, health, and wholeness are reacquainting yourself with the Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Bodies in meaningful and intimate ways.

This four-week self-paced course is for you if you’re tired of feeling out of alignment with your needs, if you feel like you’re fighting with your body life, if life, in general, is not feeding you.  If you’re looking to develop a sound self-care practice and a way to harmoniously integrate your four distinct bodies to harness your innate healing potential, this is for you.

This four-week course is delivered to you via weekly emails and includes video lessons, guided meditations, suggested flower essences to support each week’s themes, provocative home-play, and more! 

By the end of the course, you will understand what it means to be truly nourished by recognizing and honoring your needs.  You’ll create a Whole Being Nourishment menu to ensure sustainability and joy in your newly evolving connection with yourself!

Creating Whole Being Nourishment eCourse: $199

Creating Whole Being Nourishment eCourse with 1 60-minute Energy Assessment & Healing Session: $333

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