Mmm… imagine feeling more grounded, more self-trust, more self-love, more fluidity, more intention, more joy, more connection, more vitality, more energy, more purpose – THAT and more is what Whole Being Nourishment feels like to me.

We are complex, beautiful, multilayered creatures and by viewing ourselves as such, we are able to achieve deep healing from within. Through seeing ourselves as a Physical Body, an Emotional Body, a Mental Body, and a Spiritual or Energetic Body, we are more easily able to identify and meet our needs and support our health and well-being in all aspects. As I love saying to my clients, “It’s not enough to eat kale and go for a jog.” We must dig deep within, into the shadows, to understand our core essence and to love ourselves back to wholeness. In this upcoming video series, I’ll break down each of the four bodies and provide ways to nourish each. Get ready!


I’m Devon Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT and I am Holistic Life Coach + Catalyst + Intuitive + Writer on a mission to identify and transmute the roots of the shame story that’s running your life so you can live your fullest, most authentic incarnation in accordance with your soul’s sacred purpose. If you feel called to work together, please schedule a complimentary, magical Core Wound Alchemy Session.