Read on or watch me read to you:

She’s hurting.

She’s angry.

She’s resentful.

She’s neglected.

She’s overused.

She’s overtaxed.

She’s sad.

She’s desperate.

She’s frustrated.

She’s fed up.


If She wanted to, She could destroy us in an instant


Us, the parasites, raping, plundering, demanding, ungrateful


We walk around with a false sense of safety, of superiority, of control, of dominion


This is an illusion


An illusion maintained by neurotic delusions fueled by our sense of separation from Her, from each other


We’ve ignored Her.  Pushed Her.  Provoked Her, like a sleeping bear.


And gotten away with so much.


And now


The tides are changing, the seas are rising, the Earth is quaking, the Earth is burning


She watches us as we come so close to destroying ourselves, each other, and Her


She demands attention, unity, for us to wake up and REMEMBER


We are HER and SHE is US


We are made of her elements


We are here to love and serve


We aren’t here to feed our egos, our neuroses, our false sense of control


Demanding She put out and deliver when we say






We’ll develop more technology, more weapons, more ways of “outsmarting” you


more and more

and more and

more and more

and more






Until She can no longer sit idly by and support the madness

As a mother to a babe, She is reprimanding us, demanding our attention,

demanding that WE deliver


She’s putting us in our place, reminding us of our role


We’ve reached the pivotal moment in time and are met with a choice


We can continue the trajectory of greed, destruction, sleepwalking




We can rise together in love, in serve, in Beauty, in Truth, in Grace, in Unity


Above all, in co-creative sacredness


The ways of before won’t serve and will


create the end


So, is this the beginning of the end or the beginning of the beginning?


Peace starts within.


The way you treat yourself

your body, which is a microcosm of the macrocosm, a miniature Earth, your very own piece of the Universe on loan to you while you are here

is a reflection of how you treat others and this Place


Religious dogma and politics aside, don’t deny the inner knowing and stirring you feel in your cells as they remember and match Her own vibrations and rhythms


Thank your body

Whose blood is made of the ocean, whose bones are made of stardust, whose tissues, organs, systems, hairs, wrinkles, crevices, mirror the Earth’s, are influenced by cosmos


Thank the Earth

She nourishes, sustains, feeds, houses, and grounds you into this sacred physical experience your Spirit chose




do. something. differently.


Before it’s too late.



I’m Devon Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT and I am a Nourishment Guide + Earth Medicine Intuitive + Empowerment Mentor helping people to heal their four bodies and create sustainable lifestyle and health transformation through plant spirit medicine and gem elixirs, holistic nutrition counsel, lifestyle coaching, vibrational healing, virtual workshops and courses, and other mystical goodness.  Through my unique approach, my clients fall madly in love with themselves and their bodies, awaken their inner healers, recognize self-care as a sacred duty, and enjoy more ease through identifying the roots of their perceived challenges and transmuting them into gold!  I blend the best of both worlds with Western science and ancient metaphysical wisdom for the ultimate experience.  Sign up for my 4 Day Self Care Dare Challenge to experience shifts right away.  If you feel called to work together, please schedule a complimentary, magical Discovery Session.