Whole Being Nourishment Assessments & Reports

I practice nutrition and lifestyle mentoring from a functional and integrative perspective and am trained in the Nutrition Care Process.

My approach to well-being is centered on cultivating Whole Being Nourishment through integrating physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of being. Food is just one piece of the puzzle – a very important one, yet only one. When you begin to view yourself as a multidimensional, divine being, you begin cultivating a deep love affair with yourself and it’s only from that place that sustainable transformation can occur.

“If you wish to simply have someone tell you how many calories to consume, what your macronutrient distribution should be, how much exercise to do, etc. and nothing else – then, my work isn’t for you.”

Prepare to dive more deeply into your health and well-being than you ever have before as we examine and evaluate your life on many levels (diet, sleep, movement, play, self-care, connection, and much more), discuss your ideal vision and priority goals, uncover hindrances and blockages, assess physical and energetic imbalances, and create actionable solutions tailored just for your unique life.

Clients will receive an intake form to be completed and returned, along with any recent lab data, within 48 hours of their appointment. Allow up to 90-minutes together for this single session detailed plan is provided afterward with resources, specific action items, and most pertinent next steps that will help to empower and rejuvenate their vitality.

Real, sustainable nourishment is way more than just jogging and green juice...


 Your Session is Customized

Following our session, you’ll receive your personalized map to radiance via PDF straight to your inbox. Allow up to two business days for receipt.

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