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All of these a la carte classes and self-paced courses are specially created for the sensitive, introverted, intuitive soul ready to fully claim their unique gifts and power. You’ll enjoy grounded wisdom and gather potent tools and resources to enhance your experience of life in all areas. Learn new ways to protect your energy, engage with the natural world and plant medicine, express yourself and your needs, be in nourishing relationships, and more!

The recordings and subsequent materials are yours forever! Everything created is with the intention of providing value, insight, and guidance long after the first encounter. You may revisit classes and courses to continue harvesting insight and wisdom to support you in cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself and your sensitive nature.

Stand-alone Classes

These a la carte experiences can be thought of as mini doses of truly life-changing goodness! They serve as an introductory overview of topics and concepts that are crucial for the sensitive, introverted soul at this time. Each pre-recorded class features a guided journey and/or healing, grounded insights and wisdom, and potent home practices to implement the teachings. Each class comes with supportive material and you have access for life.

Subtle Energy Healing
+ The Subtle Creates the Gross

Everything in my work centers around this simple premise: the subtle creates the gross. We’ll deeply explores that this means, why a multilayered approach to healing and personal, professional, and/or spiritual development is non-negotiable, and how you can begin to leverage your subtle energies to create change in your physical experience.

Crash Course in Plant Medicine for the Sensitive Soul

From herbs to nourish the unique needs of the female form in her many life stages, to essential oils that support a healthy stress response, and flower essences to bring about whole being nourishment through addressing the subtlest layers of our being – you won’t want to miss this class all about Mother Earth’s medicines. We’ll discuss simple DIY personal care recipes, plant attunements, and more.

Relationships For the Sensitive, Introverted Soul + Not Losing Self In Other

Sensitives thrive in relationship with others. Relationships are our mirrors and can serve as a catalyst for epic growth and discovery. However, many of us feel overwhelmed by or ashamed of our needs and boundaries. Add to that the fact that we feel everything from our partner and there’s a heightened risk of losing ourselves in relationships. Learn how to recognize this habit, identify and express your needs, and use your relationship has a safe, sacred space for evolving and awakening.

Your Four Bodies + Relational Influences

Your system can be thought of as having four levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These layers play off of each other in an ongoing cascade and symphony. Most of this is completely subconscious, habitual, and reactionary. However, when we bring awareness, we can both have our needs met AND honor our boundaries. In this class we dive deeply into boundaries, needs, and emotions.

Nervous System + Maintaining Energy

As a sensitive being, you have special needs. Your system is constantly receiving sensorial input and feeling everything. In this class, we’ll discuss the stress response, the nervous system, and HPA axis through the lens of the chakra system and the sensitive being. Walk away with a deeper understanding of your unique physiology and ways to care for your system for fully to stay radiant for life.

The Real Roots of Addiction + Unmet Needs

Without supportive resources that are being consistently used, being a highly sensitive person, an intuitive, and empath can be overwhelming. Addictive behaviors are commonly seen in this population as a way of coping. Learn how to identify your own addictive tendencies and how to find stability and safety in your system to meet the actual need.

Feminine Shame: Stop Fearing The Transient Parts of Yourself

Regardless of personal gender identification or physical anatomy, shame around the feminine (or “spiral”) principle impacts all of us! Learn more about feminine shame and identify its impacts in your system. We’ll explore ways to unhook this ancestral trauma.

Sensorial Nourishment + Energetic Digestion

Nourishment is way more than food. Digestion is way more than food’s journey from mouth to anus. Everything you receive through the senses must be digested. As a sensitive being, you are receiving so much all the time. Learn how to better protect and nourish your senses, discern real whole system nutrition from toxicity, and befriend your energetic boundaries.

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Self-paced Courses

The InnerRose Sanctuary offers seasonally supportive self-paced courses to help you activate your sacred spiral essence. They serve as avenues for you to dive more deeply into the subjects to really immerse yourself in the material and make the teachings part of your daily life. What’s the point of learning something if we’re not fully embodying the wisdom? This catalog is updated seasonally and our courses are delivered in modules with audio and video components.

Free 5-Day Course

Activate and embody the five key aspects of your self to experience deeper integration and wholeness.

40-Day Journey to Sovereignty

Your 40-Day Journey to Sovereignty is divided into six sections: Presence + Ground, Creativity + Sexual Life Force, Personal Power + Divine Will, Unconditional Love of Self, Activating the Voice + Sacred Activism, and Surrendering to Cosmic Flow. Six video lessons, plus daily prompts to be reflected upon while sitting with the mudra will be provided.

The items in The Apothecary provide energetic support to anchor in the teachings from The Library’s classes and courses. Check out the latest offerings and learn more about flower essences and subtle energy healing.

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