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Introducing my clients to the magic and healing power of Flower Essences is one of my favorite parts of being a Holistic Healer. Getting to the root (no pun intended) of what’s causing your inability to be at ease, your dis-ease, is what I’m all about.

Flower Essences are one of the safest and most effective ways of getting there. So if you’re curious about Flower Essences and think that they might be useful in your own journey (spoiler alert: they are!) then I hope you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in this little introduction to Flower Essences I’ve put together. And if you still have questions then don’t be shy about reaching out to me through the links at the bottom of this article.

Plant Medicine

The first thing people tend to assume when they hear me bring up Flower Essences is that they are essential oils. The second most common thing I hear is that they are made of actual plant materials. Both assumptions are false.  I wanted to lay out the main three forms of plant medicines, their differences, and their uses in this very basic outline.

What Are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are a form of energy medicine, or vibrational healing, that works with a plant’s energetic frequency rather than its physical constitution. This can also be referred to as energetic herbalism which uses a plant’s vibrational pattern to influence our own vibrational patterns for physical healing, emotional healing, chakra balancing, a so forth.

In simplest terms, the definition of Flower Essence therapy is a way of working with plants that doesn’t involve ingesting or using the actual plant.

While herbs and oils are phenomenal medicines as well, it’s important to understand that Flower Essences and essential oils are not the same thing. Flower Essences help to shift us on deeper, more subtle layers for profound multilevel healing. When the subtle parts of our being are no longer holding onto outdated beliefs, the physical manifestation of our life experiences more alignment and ease.

What’s the Origin of Flower Essences?

The history of Flower Essences as we know them today can be credited to Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician who created a line of essences, The Bach Remedies, in 1936. That does not, however, mean that Dr. Bach invented Flower Essences, or that his remedies are the only ones available to us.

Humans have been working with plants in various capacities since the beginning of time and working with their energies or essences is nothing new. From color therapy to solar therapy, crystal healing and sound healing, we’ve been collaboratively creating wholeness with the plethora of support that is all around us in this ancient and wonderful Earth.

How are Flower Essences Made?

Flower Essence making is a highly intuitive process that may differ from practitioner to practitioner, but it typically involves purified water, light from the sun or moon, and live plants.

Flower Essences are made very ceremoniously and in a co-creative way between the maker and the plant. Some essential elements of creating a Flower Essence include receiving permission from the plant, making an offering of some kind, receiving the plant’s wisdom or “medicine” and any special instructions.

Once the plant is done “essence-ing,” the flower water is specially diluted, mixed with a preservative and stored. Traditionally, Flower Essences are stored with alcohol, however, Flower Essences without alcohol are also available and just as potent, although they may not be preserved as long.

Are Flower Essences safe?

Yes, Flower Essences are safe for everyone. Since Flower Essences are made in a ceremonious way involving the vibrational energy of the plant there is no physical part of the plant in the Essence you’re taking. What follows are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the safety of Flower Essences.

What are the side effects of using Flower Essences?

There are no side effects of using Flower Essences.

Do Flower Essences interact with prescription drugs?

No, there are no Flower Essence drug interactions.

Can Flower Essences cause allergic reactions?

No, Flower Essences do not cause allergic reactions.

How long do Flower Essences last?

Flower Essences do not expire.

Can Flower Essences make you sick?

No, Flower Essences will not make you sick.

In a nutshell, Flower Essences are safe for all beings of all ages. It’s even safe to use Flower Essences while breastfeeding. In fact many women find benefits while using Flower Essences during pregnancy!

How do Flower Essences work?

Each plant has its own signature and its own purpose and medicine that it offers. Simply because it doesn’t speak to you in the way that a fellow human does, doesn’t mean it’s not speaking. The way an herb interacts with the body upon ingestion is a form of communication, so why wouldn’t the way an essence interacts with your intangible systems be a form of communication, as well?

Every living thing has its own particular flavor thanks to its essence, Spirit, Soul, whatever you choose to call it. Everything on this planet is made of the same materials. So, you and your dog, you and a rose, you and the carrot, have way more in common than you may realize. That being said, from a purely energetic level, each of these things are here to support a Universal balance and offer guidance and healing to one another – flower and person and animal alike. This is where Plant Spirit Medicine and Flower Essences come into play.

You are energy and everything that has ever happened to you in your life is also stored in your body. When this energy is flowing smoothly, all of your systems, from the subtle and intangible to the physical, flow smoothly and with ease. When this energy is stagnant or blocked, dis-ease on some level sets in, whether its physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

To put it simply, Flower Essences carry with them an ancient wisdom encoded in the vibrational signature of the plants used to make them. Because of their gentle yet powerful effect on your energy system, you may experience healing benefits on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The subtle creates the gross after all, and by addressing the subtle aspects of your being (your emotional, mental, and spiritual levels), the physical regenerates in a desired way.

Are Flower Essences Effective?

I know from my own experience and my experiences with clients that Flower Essences are highly effective, and Flower Essences really do work. Feel free to read my clients’ Flower Essence testimonials and Flower Essence reviews here.

How are Flower Essences used?

Typically, a formula of about 4-6 different types will be taken at a dosage of three drops, three times per day, but keep in mind that Flower Essence dosage and how many Flower Essences to take at once will vary slightly from person to person.

Flower essences are stored in dropper bottles that make it easy to take just a few drops into the mouth, right under the tongue. Additionally, Flower Essences can be used in a bath, added to a drink, in a mist, or in personal care products.

While there are no dangers in taking Flower Essences, if you want to get the most out of your Flower Essence experience then you may benefit from the guidance of an experienced Flower Essence practitioner who can help you discover the optimal blend and method for your current needs. Once you have the right blend and method in place you can trust that the plants will intuitively lead you towards what you most need and how to best use their healing properties.

Which Flower Essences Do I Need?

Many different kinds of Flower Essences are used in healing, and every single plant on Earth has a unique offering for us, creating limitless possibilities!  It’s no wonder that deciding what Flower Essences to take and which Flower Essences to use can feel overwhelming. While there’s no “wrong” Flower Essence to take, if it’s not the one you most need and are ready for at that time, the effects may go unnoticed.

Tree essences can provide a sense of safety and support, which is an ideal place to start for most people while stabilizing and grounding the root chakra. Start by simply communicating with Nature on a daily basis, being around trees, and asking for the specific Flower Essences you need to make themselves known to you.

How can I get started with Flower Essences?

Many of my clients get their first experience with Flower Essences through my line of them in The Apothecary. Getting support from a Flower Essences practitioner is the ideal way to start to heal with Flower Essences, so a Channeled Flower Reading could be an ideal place to begin. An objective outsider who has dedicated their life to communicating and collaborating with Nature can offer clear, effective guidance.

How to Communicate with Nature: Plant Attunements

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